YOU’RE an FCC RDOF Bid Champion, Now What?

Congratulations to the 180 providers that won FCC reverse auction for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF). You’re on the way to providing over 10 million rural Us citizens with usage of get high-speed online sites. Stage I of the RDOF auction had been set to disperse $16B in financing, however the unprecedented response led to $9.2B getting awarded covering 99.7% of the locations which will now have the opportunity to get 100Mbps. And 85% with 1Gbps!If you are among the ongoing service providers which has won, you’re beginning your programs on filing your Form 683 to make sure you don’t lose the financing.

“There are many stages, with several deadlines, that the FCC is requiring winners to perform just before they get final approval of funding, until June 2021 and the deadlines for these actions will ostensibly run. But there’s you don’t need to wait around for each one of these deadlines. Winners can begin planning their long forms, system designs, etc. now, on January 14 in order that once the window opens, they’re prepared to submit everything, and begin their projects that much sooner. For the significant outdoor work that’s inherent in each one of these projects, and for rural locations in the northern parts of the country particularly, in April will undoubtedly be significantly much better than starting in September beginning.”Michael Paddock, CEO of the Grants Office

For more information, have a look at Michael’s blog on RDOF Technologies and Systems Designs.”

You also will work with your internal groups to program the build-out that’s needed is to provide broadband to the part of the auction you won for 5.2 million unserved businesses and houses. Now is the proper time to ensure your teams are thinking about a simpler, today and in the foreseeable future a lot more flexible and cost-efficient system made to deliver the online connectivity your rural customers want. This network basis should supply the ability for open up access, software defined system transportation, automation, and programmability. This can make sure that you can deliver the grade of service, safety and resiliency to your winning RDOF bid.

Because the FCC intends to bridge the digital divide simply, Cisco intends to greatly help power a far more inclusive future for several. Discover more about our network base for rural broadband.

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