Your investment New Normal. Experience a fresh Difference With The NEW Webex

Staying Connected and Getting Work Done with the All New Webex

The rapid uptake of remote working has resulted in a parallel upsurge in usage of Webex as businesses key collaboration tool for colleagues to remain connected and obtain work done.

The energy of the new Webex is the capability to bring together all you need to visit a project to fruition – One easy-to-use and secure app to call, message, meet and make exceptional work happen. As a total result, day you might find yourself operating within one app for some of your working.

With this thought our Cisco Collaboration team have already been brainstorming ideas that not merely help you complete your projects, but represents your look and personality also.

In this era we have been excited to introduce:

  1. Fresh new color themes
  2. Backgrounds for the profile, contact spaces and card
  3. Cobranding options to bolster your corporate brand

Fresh New Color Schemes

First up, we’ve added 3 new color themes to reinvent your Webex experience. You’ve got a choice between Jade now, Bronze and lavender – each obtainable in light and dark mode on your own desktop and mobile app. Easily transform your app color theme within the ‘Appearance’ tab in the app settings.

December_ Light Themes - DSK MOB2Expressive New Backgrounds

Next up, now you can add fun and a splash of personality to your Webex app with new backgrounds for the profile, contact spaces and card. Backgrounds can also become great way to assist you differentiate between all of your workflow spaces.

Backgrounds are available in your app settings easily. You can now select from a select amount of designs to change a typical space right into a fun and visually appealing workshop. But stay tuned, as custom backgrounds soon are coming!

December_ Customise flow2

The Power of Webex with your personal Brand

Finally, the power has been introduced by us to co-brand Webex with your personal company brand. Your brand can be your company’s identity, it has value, offers you customer and direction awareness. And, you will include that inside your Webex experience with the addition of your organization colors to the app header as well as your company logo privately panel bar.

To learn more on how best to co-brand with Webex at the Cisco Webex Help Center

Co-branding (DSK)

Color themes, backgrounds and co-branding are simply the beginning in the Webex journey to create you to ultimately your virtual workplace. Keep tuned in for more updates in the upcoming months.

Sign up today and experience the way the all new Webex includes what you ought to do exceptional work.

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