Year in Review – 2020 talos Vulnerability Discovery

While main attacks like ransomware and COVID-19-themed campaigns made headlines around the world this year, many episodes were prevented through basic practices of finding, patching and disclosing vulnerabilities. This year across an array of products cisco Talos’ Systems Vulnerability Research Team uncovered 231 vulnerabilities. And because of our vendor partners, these vulnerabilities were released and patched before any attackers could exploit them. Each vulnerability Talos addresses can be an possibility dropped for attackers. Mitigating achievable zero-time breeches in your defenses may be the simplest and fastest solution to prevent wide-ranging and business-critical cyber attacks.

Like the rest, COVID has changed the threat scenery. The worldwide workforce shifted to a mainly remote working atmosphere and remote communication software program has skyrocketed in reputation. Although there is absolutely no clear timeline on once the present pandemic shall subside, remote and linked workforces are here to remain fully. That is reflected in the improved attention that Talos provided to library, this season web/cellular and driver vulnerabilities. In this article, we’ll give a synopsis of most of our vulnerability function from 2020 and fill up you in on patches you might have missed.

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