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Not secure just, it’s “Cisco Secure”

We announced a significant milestone with this new platform just, Cisco SecureX. In the centre of our method of Cisco SecureX is really a simple idea: protection solutions ought to be designed to become a team. They ought to learn from one another. They should pay attention and respond as a coordinated device. When that happens, security becomes far better and systematic. Our customers have reliable us for a long time as both world’s largest service provider of This networking and infrastructure services and the world’s largest B2B cybersecurity company. Now as part of your they need us to greatly help them attain something needed for modern organizations: they would like to feel more secure.

In a powerful cybersecurity industry that’s populated by a huge selection of different point item vendors we recognize that customers desire to cut through the complexity and sound and feel confident within their security; concentrating on outcomes compared to vendor integration rather. This requires simplification without having to be simplistic. Our cloud-native system is really a giant leap for the reason that forward. In addition, to aid this we have been improving just how we describe and existing our overall safety portfolio in both title and imagery. The name Cisco Safe reflects our tireless dedication we make to your clients and you’ll begin to see it throughout precisely what we do. Cisco Protected helps it be simpler to know very well what we deliver and what we are able to do to assist you. Also if you are not sure of a few of our security features, there’s simply no mistaking what worth Cisco Secure can provide you.

Cisco Secure is really a fresh approach inside our industry, an industry that’s popular for jargon. While some might push terms like “advanced” this or “artificial intelligence” that, we’re concentrating on what matters most to your customers. We’ve the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to resolve platform-level challenges that span the datacenter, network, cloud, internet, email, endpoints, and in between everywhere. As a worldwide leader in networking that partners with customers to resolve complex IT challenges, we’re uniquely positioned to embed security into your architecture and network at scale.

The launch today of the Cisco SecureX platform demonstrates how this process will scale to cover our whole portfolio. We have been developing a new security paradigm. The real name Cisco SecureX, is something we done with just as much rigor, research and debate because the amazing engineers building the platform actually. Fewer Jira tickets maybe, but comparable efforts otherwise.

Extensible security

For us, the knowledge of our platform is associated with its name tightly. Let’s go through the name for a short moment. We start at the ultimate end with “X,” which stands for, well, everything our customers want to secure, all of the true point products they would like to integrate and the knowledge of feeling better everywhere. It’s the variable, defined by our customers as their needs grow and evolve.

  • This means a cross (X) architectural approach, that is in the centre of our platform; SecureX may be the broadest & most integrated on the market. It can help not merely Sec Ops but Net Ops also it Ops also.
  • X is for extensible; it’s likely to have more integrations, broader capabilities and greater effectiveness with each engineering sprint. Two products don’t make a platform and the X frees us to add everything from network, cloud and endpoint.
  • And, sure, we’re creating a nod to 1 of the categories from the platform often, XDR.
  • Unlike in fiction, where X marks the location usually, here, X marks the start of our Cisco Secure This is often how exactly we want customers to feel, and a standard, shared experience for all your different security outcomes we offer. We have an incredible number of customers all around the globe who turn to Cisco for a lot more of these security needs; whether it’s on the network, at the endpoint or in the cloud; whether it’s the vast sums of VPN users we’ve, the measurable percentage of the web protected by our DNS security service or probably the most loved MFA product available on the market. Once you protect 100% of the Fortune 100 every day, Cisco Secure feels as though the proper outcome.

X marks the beginning of our Cisco Secure journey

And we’re not there stopping. The foundational portfolio name of Cisco Secure helps us simplify much more. We have been extending it to your portfolio offers such as for example Cisco Secure Remote Worker, which combines verification, detection and access security to make sure workers can operate from any location.  Cisco Secure is easy, authentic and the beginning of a new solution to consider security. Solution and product names which are aligned to customer outcomes, a mission and vision to provide effective security make it possible for all of us to attain our full potential, security that simplifies your experience, accelerates your success and protects what’s and what&rsquo now;s next. That’s Cisco Secure.

Browse the Cisco SecureX press release – Find out about Cisco SecureX – Start to see the new Cisco Secure page on Cisco.com

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