Once the global world Must Work, the global world Works about Webex

Webex: Right here Then…Here Today

Almost overnight, the true way we work changed. Starting mid-March, we shifted from office-initial to working at home full-time, and the usage was observed by us of collaboration tools explode. When the global planet needed it, Webex was to help keep work flowing there. February since, we saw a 3x growth in Webex use. The 30 days of April in, we hosted 500M conference participants, with a complete of 35B meeting mins… clearly, once the global world must work, the global world functions on Webex.

Once the world must work, the planet works in WebexWebex is definitely there, actually. Now especially, it’s already been there for workers to work, doctors to consult, police to protect, governments to serve, media to report, and teachers to inspire. It’s a very important factor for me to inform you concerning the charged strength of Webex. It’s another when our customers share how it has assisted them keep functioning, keep training, and keep helping throughout a pandemic.

Today webex currently powers just how we work, but it may also assist us define the future of work. We’ve been gradually transitioning to new means of working for yrs; this season but those initiatives were accelerated, and are today a high priority for businesses because they plan their following steps. How exactly we bring workers into an workplace requires thoughtful planning back again, and consideration not merely of sociable distancing but balancing between remote control and in-office work.

Security Built-Inside, Not Bolted On

Security that's built-inside, not bolted on

Regardless of what work appears like in the upcoming, collaboration technology will be at the biggest market of the conversation. It’s the glue that can make all sorts of work, work.

Function that’s time-sensitive and mission-critical. For vital job and tasks forces… for delicate data and for areas strangers must in no way be. With Webex, information isn’t routed to unforeseen places or even sold to the best bidder. Because we think when you’re doing important function, your meetings, messages, phone calls, users, devices, and data ought to be protected. With Webex, security is inside our DNA. Safety is built-in, not really bolted on. It enables collaboration without compromise.

Webex is a lot more than online meetings. This is a platform with all the current tools you should get function done; and a platform that builds bridges.

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