What Do YOU NEED TO Learn Next?

Okay. Therefore, you studied tough. You practiced everything you discovered in labs. Then you again practiced. You were prepared. You scheduled your examination, and you also nailed it. You’re Cisco certified now. Congratulations! What now ? now?

Keep up with the most recent technology

All Cisco certifications have a three-year lifestyle span. You should keep recertifying to show that you’re maintaining the most recent technology changes, APIs, construction procedures, etc. You’ve got a few options to help keep those certifications fresh here. It is possible to re-take that same examination every three years, and that may recertify you certainly. But what if you wish to branch out a little?

Say you successfully approved the CCNA and today you’re looking to find out more about system cyber or automation protection? One approach is always to study and move the DevNet Cyber or Associate Associate exam. Another is Continuing Schooling.

Continuing Education enables you to earn credits
for the training you undertake to create new skills.

These credits are put on your recertification
and usually do not need you to keep using exams.

Let’s consider the automation and cyber safety examples above. You can find courses that can educate you on the abilities for the Cisco Qualified DevNet Associate certification (DevNet Fundamentals and Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Systems). Completing one of these brilliant courses will get you 48 continuing schooling credits. Also, completing the Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals to create those cyber security chops will get you 30 continuing schooling credits. Maybe you desire to get your CCNA to another degree and start to get ready for the Enterprise Core by firmly taking the Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies course. One of these brilliant courses are usually to recertify that CCNA sufficient!

Continuing EducationKeep Your Skills (and Certifications) Refreshing with Continuing Schooling

Automatically recertify upon the CE Portal

As you consider Cisco courses, possibly online or personally, go to the CE Portal and enter your program completions details beneath the Submit Products tab. Each training course will count towards any Cisco certification’s recertification. As soon as you hit a necessary credit count for a particular level (i.electronic., 30 for Associate, 40 for Expert, 80 for Expert, and 120 for Specialist), all examinations at that degree will immediately recertify for another 3 years!

It’s not accreditation prep courses offering continuing education credits simply. Check out the entire catalog of courses which will get you credits while constructing your skills. So when you’re honing those brand new skills, you might be finding your way through that next certification. Continuing Schooling makes it easy to create your skillset while progressing toward your job certification goals.

Ongoing education

So i want to again ask you, “what do you would like to learn next?”

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