Wayback Wednesday: Probably she’s nevertheless pondering your explanation

VP asks this pilot seafood to change a web link on the corporation’s website.

The link opens upward the consumer’s email customer with her email inserted within the To field, seafood says. She wants the emails to instead head to another manager.

“When she was told simply by me that I had completed that task, i has been informed by her that it had been not right. She mentioned when she clicked on the hyperlink, it exposed her email customer and the physical entire body of the e-mail contained her signature rather than the manager’s signature.

“We chuckled for an instant and informed her, ‘We cannot alter your signature to the supervisor’s signature once you click on the hyperlink. That’s because you clicked on the hyperlink. If another person clicks on the hyperlink, it will open up their email customer and include whatever they have in your body of their email.’

“I did so not hear from her back again.”

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