Vivint Solar Will go All-In with Webex Collaboration

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Vivint Solar Adopts Full Cisco Webex Collaboration Suite

Vivint Solar’s journey to cloud collaboration ago began five years, after an acquisition by Blackstone. At the right time, their IT team began to measure the network infrastructure and did a 5-year ROI on which it could cost to take their existing technologies to the cloud. They quickly realized they could drastically reduce headcount and maintenance cost of what it had been taking to currently manage their on-premises voice and telephony infrastructure by switching to a cloud solution.

Man laying solar power panels downWhen beginning their seek out vendors, Vivint Solar believed every public cloud provider was made equal, and they also went with a piecemeal solution of several vendors to supply for his or her collaboration needs.  As Vivint Solar began experiencing outages, performance issues, and too little follow-through on roadmap promises with one of these vendors, they soon realized that the nagging problems would continue steadily to persist and they could have made the incorrect decision. It was time and energy to switch to a fresh platform definitely.

True Unified Communications

When evaluating companies for the next time, Vivint Solar wished to make certain they didn’t need to reevaluate a third time. “Switching to the cloud is really a major undertaking, also to do it 2 times in 2 yrs is something you intend to avoid”, said Mike Hincks, Director of IT Infrastructure at Vivint Solar. This right time around, they knew they had a need to focus on a lot more than the technical criteria just; they had to take into account factors like financial size and stability of the cloud provider, to guarantee the resources were had by them to keep to purchase their solutions.

At the right time, Vivint Solar’s partner, Veracity Networks, was starting to use Cisco and that’s when Vivint Solar saw a chance to replace all their solutions with an individual platform. Vivint Solar was drawn to Cisco because of its entire suite of collaboration products which could provide everything Vivint wanted.

Vivint Solar consolidated their collaboration technologies around Cisco Webex, adopting Webex Calling, Webex Contact Center, Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, and Webex room devices because of their video endpoints even. “Of experiencing eight or nine technology vendors instead, we’re able to have one company provide us everything literally; true unified communications,” says Hincks. Vivint Solar uses Webex worldwide and company-wide – across their many customer support centers, including their Utah headquarters.

Unparalleled Experience

Vivint Solar has been surprised by how easy it’s gone to manage and keep maintaining their solution centrally with Cisco Webex Control Hub and also have had the opportunity to drastically decrease the IT headcount necessary to run their global telephony network – from 18 employees to 1 just.

Since adopting the entire Cisco Webex collaboration suite, Vivint Solar is unified for the very first time in company history truly. “Bringing our collaboration tools together in the cloud with Cisco Webex has delivered an unparalleled experience. The capability to have our entire company switch to work-from-home overnight while allowing our IT team to seamlessly support our global operations is enhancing our business continuity strategy and the dynamics of our interactions. Webex is playing an intrinsic role keeping in mind work flowing of these unprecedented times.”

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