Veeam Information Platform V12 and Natural Storage

Users have been eagerly embracing this new discharge with its more than 500 innovative features since the launch of Veeam Data Platform V12 in February of this year. Buyers of Veeam and Pure Storage in particular are affected by this for three main reasons.

  1. Capabilities of the Universal Storage Application Programming Interface ( USAPI ) Version 2
  2. Direct-to-Object to FlashBlade
  3. End-to-end integrity

Enhanced Storage Snapshot Integration for USAPI V2

In order for storage companies to collaborate with Veeam to create backup shot connectivity, the USAPI v1 was first released in 2018. One of the most widely used plugins for Veeam’s USAPI v1 was created by Pure, and thousands of Pure customers have benefited from this integration to perform tasks like backup from storage snapshots and application-consistent backups secondary use cases like dev / test. Veeam has released a significant storage integration update with USAPI v2 ( Pure Storage was the company’s development partner for this endeavor ) with Veam Data Platform V12. Customers can now create sophisticated storage snap orchestration straight from Veeam jobs thanks to this upgrade and the Pure widget for USAPI version 2. This includes the ability to record storage snapshots for long-term retention to additional storage, such as an object storage bucket on FlashBlade, as well as synchronous and asynchronous snapshot replication. Check out the light paper, Advanced Storage Snapshot Integration with Pure Storage FlashArray and Veeam Data Platform v12, if you’re interested in Veyam and true store USAPI V2 connectivity. Check out the three USAPI v2 little demo videos on backup snapshot offload, simultaneous storage replication, and simultaneous storage snapshot replication as well.

Direct-to-Object Harnessing to FlashBlade: Secure and Effective Backup

Veeam’s ability to directly back to thing storage is a key feature of the Data Platform V12 launch. Customers can use thing storage to regulate across their back-up infrastructure, from the main copy through the archive copy, and gain advantages in terms of security, durability, ease of use, etc. S3-compatible image backup is provided by Pure Storage FlashBlade, which has three key advantages over other options. The first is the all-flash performance that Pure FlashBlade can provide for both recoveries and backups( ESG Validation Report on Pure Storage FlashFlade ). The second is the ease of use and convenience of the FlashBlade Purity web-based customer program. The last and most crucial capacity is backup and data protection. Locking S3 Objects and SafeMode Retention Lock are both supported by Pure FlashBlade to safeguard data from accidental or malicious damage or modification as well as insider threats and the bargain of superintendent credentials. Please watch the Veeam Data Platform V12 and Pure FlashBlade Direct-to-Object little demonstration video if you’re interested in seeing what this looks like.

End-to-End Fixity: A Game Change in Information Security

End-to-end integrity refers to the ability to protect all your critical storage assets, from the on-premises primary and backup storage to the offsite backup storage, whether that is at your own remote data center, a public cloud, or a backup-as-a-service (BaaS) offering.With the V12 release from Veeam, and the recent Purity releases from Pure Storage, these capabilities have been significantly enhanced and include the following:

photos taken in safe-mode store

Even when the administrator certifications have been compromised, Pure SafeMode protects information by preventing ransom from destroying, altering, or encrypting it. Veeam Backup & amp, Replication V12, and Pure Storage can coordinate the creation and propagation of FlashArray store snapshots across store tiers for primary storage protection. Also, Pure’s SafeMode can safeguard all of those storage images. For storage photos made on Pure FlashArray, SafeMode offers integrity. Pure FlashArray can produce SafeMode-protected snapshots of Veeam Backup Repository data stored in either the flashArray // C or FlashBlade / s NFS repositories for backup storage protection. This means that Pure’s SafeMode unchanging storage snapshots protect all important data, whether major or backup, from malicious, accidental change, or deletion.

Repository Hardened

The Veeam Repository Hardened is Veeam’s native solution to provide trusted immutability for backups of Veeam Backup & Replication on a Linux server.  By making backups immutable for a configured amount of time, it protects the backups against ransomware, hackers, and other malicious and accidental threats. Veeam’s Repository Hardened can be combined with Pure FlashArray//C SafeMode immutable snapshots for an additional layer of security protection.

Locking S3 Objects

Locking S3 Objects leverages a write-once-read-many (WORM) model for data storage. Object Lock prevents objects from being deleted or overwritten for a predefined amount of time or indefinitely.Pure Storage supports Locking S3 Objects with its FlashBlade S3-compatible storage.

Lock for Safemode Retention

Pure Lock for Safemode Retention provides an additional layer of protection on top of Locking S3 Objects.  With Lock for Safemode Retention the backup storage is protected against insider or malicious threats where the administrator credentials have been compromised.

The Major to Quick Treatment: Why Select Flash Storage for Backup

I frequently get the question,” Why use flash storage for backup?” Treatment is the solution. It is essential to not only have a perfect copy of the information but also be able to recover possible all of it with little disruption to the organization’s operations because ransomware criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to attack organizations and their data. Businesses can be sure that they will be able to quickly restore all of their data thanks to Pure Storage and Veeam Data Platform V12.