Veeam Hardened Repository passes independent compliance assessment

Back-up & Replication v11 introduces the Hardened Repository as a secure
place where backups could be stored for the configured period of time immutably.
With the Hardened Repository, Veeam created a WORM (write once, study many)
storage choice for Veeam backups. And the very best part, this brand-new role can be
deployed on Any kind of general-purpose Linux server, with out locking you right down to the
special proprietary hardware.


rules exist for WORM storage space. To ensure the Hardened Repository meets
the best compliance standards, we engaged Cohasset Associates being an
independent alternative party, who figured Hardened Repository meets the
compliance specifications for the main element U.S. financial market regulations. When
configured properly, the Hardened Repository meets certain requirements for
non-rewritable, non-erasable storage as specific by SEC 17a-4(f), FINRA
4511(c) and CFTC 1.31(c)-(d) regulations.


The compliance assessment report can be acquired for download here . The assessment report was made for compliance officers and therefore it may be hard to learn for an IT expert. That’s why we developed yet another whitepaper for Veeam administrators to help make the requirements easier to realize. The chapter “Construction for SEC Rule 17a-4(f), FINRA Guideline 4511 and CFTC Principle 1.31 (c)-(d) compliance” covers the required Veeam configuration choices. The whitepaper can be acquired for download here .

In the review, you might note Cohasset determines that the Hardened Repository is compliant with WORM rules when used as standalone, however, not a right section of the Scale-out Backup Repository. The reason being for the capability Tier Move plan to function, we can not make GFS backup data files immutable for longer compared to the Move policy windowpane, while regulations need locking them for the whole duration of these retention policy. However, in line with the insight from Cohasset, we’ve implemented changes to make sure that hardened repositories, which certainly are a right section of Scale-out Backup Repositories, using the Copy plan remains compliant. This noticeable change is roofed in Veeam Backup & Replication v11 P20210319 and afterwards builds.

This new
functionality is really a big action for Veeam customers employed in regulated
industries, such as for example financial services, broker sellers, healthcare, etc. They
can now shop backups on the Veeam Hardened Repository inside compliance with mandatory
regulations. But needless to say, more importantly even, every Veeam customer is now able to
utilize the Hardened Repository to safeguard themselves against ransomware along with other cyberthreats.
And due to how important such security is these full times, we included this
in every Veeam Back-up &amp functionally; Replication edition, including even
the free Neighborhood Edition.

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