Veeam Backup for Nutanix AHV v5

In today’s cost-conscious world, enterprises are continually evaluating and adopting new preferred infrastructure vendors, whether it be driven by total cost of ownership, features or overall flexibility. Despite being critical in today’s datacenters, hypervisors themselves are not exempt from this either.  One of the key influences when evaluating the foundational pillars of your IT environment comes down to the ecosystem. Will the solution you land on fill your requirements? Are there limitations to be aware of? And of course, do you have a solid strategy to securely and reliably protect that data?

When it comes to protecting critical workloads, Veeam is the clear leader in the market. Whether it is workloads running in the cloud, physical servers running in your datacenter or virtual machines running on any multitude of hypervisors, Veeam is there to protect your data.

AHV Protection At-Scale

We are excited to announce the release of Veeam Backup for Nutanix AHV v5! This is by no means a small release, rather we’ve been intently listening to customer feedback and this release brings some of the most requested features to market.

One of the biggest drivers for this release has been a focus on scalability. Protecting AHV workloads at-scale is nothing new for Veeam, but this release provides backup administrators additional granularity to achieve the resiliency that they are looking for. V5 introduces the ability to deploy multiple workers, allowing you to house these workloads across multiple cluster nodes. This approach allows administrators to scale as they see fit, for whatever reasons they see fit. Whether deploying additional workers for redundancy or for backup and restore performance, administrators can now accomplish this in an easy-to-manage fashion. To assist with sizing and placement, bottleneck reporting will be available as part of the session details for backup jobs.

Secure Backups Start With Secure Access

As organizations strive for data resiliency, security remains one of the driving forces behind achieving this. Limiting who can access the management control plane for your backups is just one consideration, while the ability to securely delegate restore operations is another. With this release, per-user multifactor authentication (MFA) has been extended to the web console, granting IT departments the ability to strengthen their defenses against threats. Additionally, this implementation will work in an offline manner, which is particularly helpful for those installations that are required for dark sites.

The principle of providing the least privileges necessary for a task can be a backup administrator’s greatest time-saver: being able to delegate limited control and actions to others to perform tasks, freeing up time for the administrator to take care of other duties. To assist with this, V5 introduces operator-specific roles that can be leveraged to delegate control for tasks such as job configuration and creation, and disk or entire machine restores.

Operational Efficiencies

Budgets are tight and schedules are as busy as ever — something that we are all used to. With that comes a drive to not only do more with less, but also in less time. AHV helps administrators achieve this with a slew of enhancements and innovations, delivered in a fashion that Veeam Data Platform administrators are already familiar with today.

First off is support for BitLooker on Windows VMs. If you aren’t familiar with this capability, it is a space-saving technology that seamlessly integrates into the backup process. By inspecting data blocks during the backup proxy, “dirty” data blocks, such as ones that are marked for deletion by the OS, can be skipped. This can result in significant space savings, and as a direct result, reduce the time required to perform a backup.

Streamlining the experience for your data protection strategy is also taking a front-and-center position with this release. With V5, there is now much tighter integration with the Veeam Backup & Replication console, in the form of a job creation. Through this wizard, you can protect your Nutanix workloads via backup jobs, snapshot jobs or a PD snapshot job, all from the backup console.

Data Protection, Wherever You Need It

Whether you are just starting to dive into Nutanix AHV, or perhaps you are responsible for a large-scale implementation, data protection is something that is required throughout the journey. It’s important to find a platform that gives you the security that you need, without compromising on features or ease of use. As the proven leader in the data protection market, Veeam has you covered. 

Veeam Backup for AHV 5.0 is available today. Experience the security and scalability that enterprises need today for yourself and download a free trial, here.