Veeam Back-up & Replication v11: Accelerate Your Journey

Just what a milestone! Veeam Back-up & Replication v11 is here now and packed with capabilities to assist you accelerate your Digital Transformation trip. Here at Veeam, we’re able to not be more worked up about this monumental launch, that is our largest ever arguably! Along with our flagship product, Veeam Backup & Replication, this launch delivers more improvements, such as for example Veeam ONE v11, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v2, Veeam COMPANY Console v5 and a recently rebranded Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator v4. Our launch carries a great group of blogs which will roll out on the full times and weeks ahead. We’ve refreshed demos also, videos and refreshed sources strategically, aligned by use situation, throughout our website, helping you to find all you need to learn including what’s new in this substantial release.

Let’s begin by highlighting the 5 many thrilling capabilities within Veeam Back-up & Replication v11:

1. Continuous Data Protection

Veeam may disrupt the marketplace by completely democratizing recuperation point goals (RPOs) for VMware conditions. Veeam’s Continuous Data Security (CDP) provides great resiliency for essential workloads with ultra-reduced RPOs, minimizing information loss and recovering in order to the most recent point or state with time. Coupled with a straightforward deployment, Veeam companions and clients will embrace this technologies for its flexibility, affordability and because it’s contained in something so many organizations currently use. Not merely is CDP incorporated with Veeam Back-up & Replication, but integrated in Veeam A single and Veeam Disaster Recuperation Orchestrator also.

2. Reliable Ransomware Protection

There are several threats to your computer data. Year within the past, just about everyone has witnessed a massive upsurge in ransomware episodes, cyberthreats and malware activities, and we anticipate this to keep. At Veeam, we’ve long advocated having a minumum of one copy of back-up information on an immutable, offline or air-gapped copy within our 3-2-1 Guideline, and we’re proud to possess delivered several choices for which to safeguard against ransomware. The most recent innovation in ransomware protection within v11 provides another solution to keep your computer data safe yet. The Hardened is permitted by this ability Linux Repository to supply an immutable duplicate on any Linux program, in any place, on premises or in the cloud. This can keep safe backups, avoiding malicious deletion and encryption, and is another device in your safety arsenal yet.

3. Archive to the Cloud

V11 allows our customers to lessen the expense of long-term storage space and replace tape infrastructure with today’s solution by over 20x. AWS S3 Glacier or Azure Blob Archive cool storage is a good add-on to the policy-based administration within the intelligent storage space tiers of Veeam’s Scale-out Backup Repository: Performance, Capability and today Archive. Automate your computer data lifecycle management.

4. Immediate Recovery

V11 builds using one of the hallmark Veeam capabilities, Instant Recovery. Today, Veeam customers can perform the cheapest recovery time goals (RTOs) with production-ready Quick Recovery for SQL, NAS and oracle document shares with incredible simplicity! This latest release also contains the opportunity to restore ANY back-up to as a Hyper-V VM instantly, adding incredible restore versatility.

5. Veeam-driven BaaS & DRaaS

Veeam has already established many methods to consume our items as something long. Whether it’s off-site backup, Disaster Recuperation as something (DRaaS), on-premises Back-up as something (BaaS), Infrastructure because a ongoing support protected by Veeam along with other offerings; there exists a ongoing service to meet up the needs of the marketplace. V11 includes the BaaS and DRaaS as top-level customer benefits with the discharge of the Veeam COMPANY Console v5.

Over 150 brand new and enhanced features

Those top capabilities get all the headlines, but the the truth is that there is a lot more to the major release. Besides getting over 150 improved and new capabilities, V11 earns major updates to additional products, aswell:

  • Veeam Back-up & Replication v11 – Backup and recovery
    • Veeam Broker for Microsoft Home windows v5
    • Veeam Realtor for Linux v5
    • NEW Veeam Real estate agent for Mac
    • Integration with Veeam Back-up for AWS and Veeam Back-up for Microsoft Azure for cloud-indigenous workload protection
      • New and up-to-date plug-ins for enterprise apps such as for example SAP

    and Oracle

  • Veeam One particular v11 – Advanced supervising and analytics
  • Veeam Back-up for Microsoft Azure v2 – Cloud-native safety
  • Veeam Disaster Recuperation Orchestrator v4 (previously referred to as Veeam Accessibility Orchestrator) – Automated site recuperation orchestration and tests
  • Veeam COMPANY Console v5 – Company management

Much like any release in Veeam here, there are therefore many big things but many smaller items that go into a significant release also. The smaller things could be a big deal also! These include new abilities such as cloud-indigenous integration for Azure and AWS, a lot more NAS and unstructured information protection, high-priority jobs, assistance for Search engines Cloud object storage within the capability tier, storage snapshot assistance for the Windows Broker therefore much more. The quantity of technology here’s incredible and the very best component is that it’s 100% in-step with Veeam’s objective: to function as most trusted company of backup options that deliver Cloud Information Management.

What really does Veeam V11 mean for you?

In short, this means a complete lot. It means simple, reliable and flexible. Veeam customers will have a 4-in-1 treatment for provide the best answer for backup, replication, orchestration and recovery of storage space snapshots along with CDP in 1 product. Veeam makes consuming most of these functions across your complete environment basic with the portable Veeam Universal Permit (VUL). This means Veeam companions have more capabilities from the market-proven supplier of Veeam-powered answers to meet customer needs.

Everyone will take advantage of the ease of make use of of the new capabilities within V11 and also the simplicity of experiencing many features driven within one extensive suite of items from Veeam. The flexibility of how this wide set of capabilities could be deployed is actually mind-boggling for clients of any size.

    • Multiple huge data centers
    • Workloads deployed on AWS

and Azure

  • Substantial enterprise applications and storage systems
  • Thousands of remote control endpoint gadgets protected remotely
  • Distributed global operations

Any or many of these could be protected and managed with Veeam effectively, regardless of the workload, regardless of the hypervisor, regardless of the operating-system, cloud, virtual, physical. Veeam is ready!

Turn it around 11 with Veeam!

These massive capabilities just scratch the top of what V11 brings to the marketplace. Whether you’re seeking the best ransomware and security security, the most versatile and capable disaster recuperation, or the very best bang for the hard-earned buck simply, V11 can be your answer! Have a look at all of the great things about this release comprehensive by downloading a trial to start to see the magic with your personal eyes. If you’re an ongoing Veeam customer, it is possible to try the AWS or Azure cloud-native features for free for 25 workloads. With V11, you shall learn why over 400,000 customers and 83% of the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 rely on their business upon the advantages of Veeam.

Eliminate data loss!

Eliminate ransomware!

20x cost benefits!

Veeam v11!

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