V12 is the tool for system providers to create your cloud.

Since the initial release of Veeam Backup & amp, Replication in 2008, forward-thinking service providers embarking on their virtualization-based IaaS journeys have sought to take advantage of the cutting-edge features of its flagship product. Veeam has improved its system to include more features and improvements that could be used to create data protection services as service providers have improved their offerings. With each new version of Veeam that was released, service provider ( VCSP ) partners improved their offerings and gave their own customers more value, whether it was a basic IaaS backup or an extra copy or backup for Microsoft 365.

In 2016, we released Veeam Backup Portal, which is now known by the name Veyam Service Provider Console, to assist in enabling our companions. This special supplement is essential to management, coverage, monitoring, deployments, and licensing, enabling service providers to give their personal resellers and tenants, or their tenants right, visibility. At Veeam, we are steadfast in our support of our VCSP partners as a continuation of the company and our go-to-market BaaS and DRaaF method, which is supported by the brand-new Veeram Data Platform.

The Veeam Data Platform is introduced.

We also introduced the new Veeam Data Platform, which is our collection of items that work together to provide information protection for tasks across multiple platforms and unlocks their mobility and flexibility to prevent system lock-in. This was done with the launch of Replication v12, VeEam Backup & watts. Our flagship product, Veeam Backup & amp, Replication, receives new updates with the V12 release, along with a completely new platform release cycle, including:

  • Veeam ONE version 12
  • V7 Veeam Service Provider Console
  • Veeam Agents for Linux and Windows v6 by Microsoft
  • Veeam Agent for Mac Version 2
  • Red Hat Cloud 3.0 Veeam Backup
  • Backup Veeam for Nutanix AHV v4
  • V6 Veeam Recovery Orchestrator
  • Google Cloud v4 Veeam Backup

The total potential for delivery sending for stakeholders with the recently released Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, as well as the upcoming releases of Vey Backups for AWS v6 and Azure V5, is enormous.

determining the worth of a software-driven toolbox

By offering an ever-expanding tool for the safety of tasks and information across numerous systems, the Veeam Data Platform aids companions in maximizing the value of their services. Over 11, 000 VCSP colleagues have discovered value in Veeam technology to deliver a variety of products, with the speed and efficiency to create, manage, and manage their services and scale their establishments. This is thanks to the well-established venture capital course. The number of improvements provided as part of the V12 distribution, including better management of storage repositories and security features, further solidifies Veeam’s situation as a market leader in the sky and system provider space. Here are the top five that, in our opinion, unlock the most importance to support provider partners out of well over 500 additions:

  1. Continuous Data Protection for DRaaS ( CDP )

We provided CDP for cheap RPOs for important level 1 workloads in V11. By enabling CDP via Cloud Connect Replication targeting a VMware Cloud Platform, we have expanded this in V12 to include the opportunity for our VCSP partners to offer this to residents. This popularizes DRaaS! Today, partners can provide a full DRaaS seeking with just one platform: CDP, snapshot-based replication, and backup recovery.

  1. Microsoft 365 updates are managed and monitored remotely.

With tighter integrations between V7 Veeam Service Provider Console and Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v7, partners can directly manage Microsoft 365 workloads, including creating new or editing existing backup jobs, all from Console’s web-based UI. Partners can stay transparent with SLA-based reporting and offer customers and resellers access to a self-service restore portal to drive efficiencies.

  1. AWS and Microsoft Azure updates are managed remotely.

V7 Veeam Service Provider Console also introduces direct deployment of AWS and Azure backup infrastructures — simplifying deployment while significantly improving operational efficiency. Additionally, new self-service capabilities allow managed clients to register their own cloud accounts. This streamlines the onboarding process, creating a positive customer experience and relieves service providers of additional administrative tasks.

  1. Instant Recovery with Veeam Cloud and vSphere

The ability to perform Instant Recovery back into vSphere using Veeam Cloud Connect Backup points directly from the VeEam Backup & amp, Replication server is one of V12’s less important but most eagerly awaited features. This opens the door for value-added system options regarding Veeam Cloud Connect Backup workload recovery, particularly for partners currently providing off-site storage solutions.

  1. Special hardware of objects

This feature is a smile to the fact that image hardware is spreading across social cloud and on-premises infrastructures in many ways. We have opened up a new avenue for service providers providing object storage to make money by enabling Veeam Backup & amp, Replication, and our Agents to target storage directly. Our Scale-out Backup Repository can now be used for end-to-end image store as well.

  1. Talk to this audio to get a closer look at what’s new in V12.

cross cloud landscape that is evolving

The DNA of a service provider is to set themselves apart and introduce in order to improve the customer experience. VCSP colleagues can create and provide services protecting workloads as they move from on-premises to IaaS, the common sky, and beyond that into Software as a Service platforms thanks to the Veeam Data Platform’s ability to cover more workload types across various platforms. Their ability to deliver significant market results that meet particular requirements is where their skills really shines.


Recovery time can be cut down by hiring a VCSP member who uses the Veeam Data Platform as backup and recovery become even more important for businesses to remain practical. It’s fascinating to see how the original V12 release will improve service provider products even more and give developers the tools they need to create BaaS and DRaAS offerings, showcasing the Veeam Data Platform at its full potential. Here you can find out more about the most recent V12 transfer. Click here for more details about the VCSP system as well as Veeam-powered BaaS and DRaAS methods.