V11: Unleash the energy and recovery of one’s Veeam NAS backup

In Veeam Back-up & Replication v10, Veeam released the opportunity to protect your NAS document and shares servers at level, the key differentiators getting the storage agnostic method and super-quick incremental backups of one’s unstructured data. NAS back-up in V10 furthermore enabled some effective and fast methods to recover your nas information, recovering what you would like when it’s needed by you. You can see a lot more about these differentiators right here .

Veeam Back-up & Replication v11 proceeds to spotlight that NAS backup encounter with a distinct concentrate on expanded recovery.

Changed file tracking indigenous storage space integration


NAS gadgets such as for example Dell EMC Isilon or even NetApp ONTAP have grown to be the de-facto with regards to where businesses shop their unstructured data (we.e. every day the info that people create as users, including documents, presentations, visuals, etc.) along with the lots of of data that products in the web of Items are creating every 2nd. Both storage vendors are suffering from game-changing storage snapshot technologies and techniques also. Therefore, in V11, we consider our snapshot-friendly approach one action further, having the ability to integrate into these storage space techniques and orchestrate the indigenous storage snapshot and use this because the source for the backups.

Veeam includes a past background of strong storage space integration via the General Storage API, which enables direct integration with storage space systems to decrease effect on the production atmosphere and significantly improve RPOs.

The main benefit this is actually the removal of effect on the production NAS volume – specifically, the file proxy will read information from the storage snapshot compared to the production NAS share instead. This can help with locked files furthermore, meaning data files shall not end up being skipped because they’re open by users in time of backup.

Dell EMC Isilon: Transformed file monitoring


An integral feature of the true way Veeam Backup & Replication differentiated with the NAS back-up feature in V10 was round the ability to understand rapidly and effectively what had changed because the last backup. This is labelled changed file monitoring with similarities to the Changed Prevent Tracking we see inside our image-based backups.

In V11, we will bring the option make it possible for changed document tracking with Dell EMC Isilon, alongside the storage space snapshot integration this can increase the performance of one’s NAS backups.


Maintain accessibility during downtime with quick NAS recuperation


Among the best items demonstrated with V10 and NAS backup had been the utilization case around ransomware! Particularly, combating ransomware having the ability to roll to an excellent restore point back, i.e. prior to the attack. It is a great choice for the final methods of the remediation program, but through the remediation plan, you’ve got a entire workforce without usage of that important unstructured information, possibly because you possess isolated the NAS or even since it is encrypted and infected.

In V11, it is possible to take advantage of the opportunity to take that last great or any restore point, of size regardless, and publish this away with a mount server which means that your users can at the very least access their data. In this version this capacity shall be limited by SMB shares, and you will be in a read-only condition when published. Throughout that remediation window, when all IT staff will undoubtedly be focusing on getting services ready to go back, to be able to get those essential files to your customers is a good step in the proper direction.

Once remediation provides been completed and the restore to the final known good restore stage has finished, then customers can update their own documents and folders and continue minus the downtime of not having the ability to access their information through the remediation phase.

Full manage with version-centered retention


For anybody which have been using Veeam NAS backup, you shall likely have seen the version control with regards to offloading to longer-term retention. In V11, this version manage has been improved to also consider the primary backup which means you will have the normal version control to help keep active and deleted document variations to your desired restrict.


Improved deduplication appliance assistance


As always, this launch would not be considered a Veeam discharge without some motor enhancements plus some under-the-cover performance enhancements. How the NAS backup extendable is kept in V10 utilizes 64Mb blobs to shop the data within an object orientated method. To provide improved performance for clients burning their NAS document and devices servers to numerous different locations, including deduplication devices, V11’s blob size has been risen to 1GB. Because of this noticeable change, we have been now seeing around 4x time improvement on the previous version for several integrated deduplication targets – which also translates right down to restore from those exact same devices where we have been seeing over a 1x enhancement on restore scenarios.


Lastly, within V11 we are introducing a meta-extent that will further enhance the performance when sending your NAS backups to a deduplication appliance. That is going to permit you to shop the metadata in a particular location that is recommended to become SSD, and this as well as the engine enhancements will dsicover more that 2x enhancements on both complete and incremental backups. That is going to be considered a construction establishing within the Scale-out Back-up Repository and, and also the efficiency with backups, additionally it is likely to increase performance with regards to restore operations because the metadata can be used here vs the specific data.


In closing, everybody knows that NAS data is essential to every company – and our focus at Veeam would be to continue innovating and iterating with the addition of brand new features and functionality that produce data management and defense for NAS simple, reliable and flexible.

Try Veeam Back-up & Replication v11 today, Totally free for 30 days to check and see on your own the energy of NAS safety offered with the brand new Quick NAS Recovery .

The start of V11 also contains Azure-indigenous backup and recovery (AWS-indigenous came in V10). If you are a current Veeam Back-up & Replication, Veeam Accessibility veeam or Suite Back-up Essentials customer, we’re offering you  25 VUL Absolve to natively guard your AWS or Azure workloads . Also, we’re also throwing in $250 in cloud credit of one’s selection to sweeten the provide. Check out all of the offer details right here and sign up to start out natively safeguarding AWS and Azure workloads Free of charge!

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