V11: The Veeam and NetApp Innovation Continues


Since 2014, NetApp and veeam been employed by
together to aid tight integration between your two organizations closely. NetApp’s
concept of the info fabric means that a business’s
data is on always, available and easily consumed and ties nicely into always
Veeam’s always-on information availability message.

The most-recent release of Veeam Backup
& Replication v11 among additional Veeam technologies proceeds to accelerate
and innovate with NetApp.

Let’s have a look at several ways Veeam and
NetApp work with regards to Veeam’s most-recent launch together.

Veeam Continuous Information Protection


Veeam CDP is focused on eliminating downtime. It can help Veeam
and NetApp clients achieve immediate recuperation to a latest condition or desired
time and provides brand-new capabilities for granular recuperation and
restoring individual VM apps and workloads with near-zero data
loss over the entire data material.

Enhanced NAS backup abilities


Veeam NAS backup features have seen a
number of enhancements inside Veeam Back-up & Replication v11, especially,
Instant Recuperation for NAS. This technologies enables uninterrupted user usage of
NAS data on the NetApp program by publishing a whole file share instantly
directly from backup.

Furthermore, NAS backup has gotten
blazingly with NetApp ONTAP integration fast. Not merely does this raise the
speed of NAS back-up jobs, but it addittionally negatively means that backups won’t
impact your production atmosphere. The charged energy of automated NAS backups from
NetApp ONTAP snapshots is allowed out of the container and couldn’t be better to get
started with.

Veeam’s blazingly fast Quick Recovery technology in addition has now arrived at file shares by means of Instant File Talk about Recovery for SMB-based document shares. This gives uninterrupted user usage of NAS data by publishing a whole file share directly from backup instantly. Don’t miss the information in the Veeam NAS back-up post.

NetApp-powered Veeam backups likewise have
become more flexible inside v11 with new choices for adding NetApp ONTAP items to
backup jobs. Backup careers can be developed at the NetApp Cluster now, SVM, volume
or share level.

Orchestrate recuperation from SnapMirror


In what was referred to as Veeam previously
Availability Orchestrator v3, Veeam introduced assistance for NetApp ONTAP
Snapshots, allowing NetApp clients to create, test and run validated
disaster recovery plans inside mins. In Veeam Disaster Recuperation Orchestrator v4,
support offers been added for Veeam CDP. This builds on the effective features of Veeam
Disaster Recuperation Orchestrator’s dynamic documentation and detailed program definition
reports with a complete audit log. Veeam Disaster Recuperation Orchestrator’s readiness
look for CDP replica programs not merely checks your RPO, but guarantees you are also
meeting your SLA. Or even, Veeam Disaster Recuperation Orchestrator shall enable you to
know, so that you can take activity and stay in compliance.

The partnership between NetApp and Veeam continues
to expand simply because both organizations provide innovation to the IT market. Veeam
supports NetApp customers because they enhance the management, protection
and recoverability of these data from advantage to primary to cloud over the data fabric.

To start to see the charged power of the integration firsthand, make sure to download a FREE 30-day demo of Veeam Backup & Replication v11 and Veeam Disaster Recuperation Orchestrator v4 .

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