V11: Replication and IaaS administration with Veeam + VMware Cloud Director

Veeam Cloud & COMPANY companion and VMware Cloud Director


VMware Cloud Director may be the default cloud administration platform useful for VMware-based cloud systems used to provide IaaS. VMware offers re-focused their initiatives on VMware Cloud Director in the last couple of years. This started more back with dedication to the cloud administration system which saw renewed growth on the UI and a shift towards extensibility of the system that will see it proceed through its next stage of maturity beyond vSphere digital machines.

Since the launch of Veeam Backup & Replication v7, Veeam provides supported the burning of VMware Cloud Director (earlier VMware vCloud Director) agencies, virtual data facilities, vAPPs and virtual devices, and we lead the true way with this first-to-market vCD Self-Services Portal in V9.5. Ongoing on from that, we additional assistance for VMware Cloud Director (VCD) virtual data facilities as targets for Veeam Cloud Connect Replication , and much more lately, we launched a Community-dependent HTML5 Tenant Portal which connected to the prevailing Self-Service Portal.

There is a advanced of overlap once you look at providers who provide infrastructure services predicated on vSphere and VMware Cloud Director and the ones that leverage Veeam technologies to backup, protect and store their VMware-based workloads. As VCD becomes a lot more trusted and accepted by providers even, it’s essential to continue to include features and features through main releases of Veeam Back-up & Replication.

Introducing more features and worth for VCD in V11


With the discharge of Veeam Backup & Replication v11, we’ve added several new functions and enhancements for both our providers and their VCD tenants to benefit from. As new variations of VCD are launched, our dedication to supporting each main new release continues to be, and in V11, there’s full assistance for VCD 10.2, like the new Cloud Director Assistance leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS.

In addition, we assistance several VCD servers in the Self-Service Portal now, giving the opportunity to select the desired VCD instance when configuring organizations. We furthermore added support to possess multiple back-up configurations for exactly the same VCD corporation and offer a specific capacity to specify customized VCD functions on the back-up server to permit users with configured functions to gain access to the self-service back-up portal with Back-up Administrator or Restore Operator functions, adding more versatility for the administration of backups within institutions.

Without question though, the headline features in V11 will be the highly-anticipated Cloud Director Replication, which opens a lot more service chance of our Veeam Cloud & COMPANY (VCSP) partners, and a recognized and fully-supported Indigenous Cloud Director Plug-in, which allows direct administration of tenant backups from correct within the VCD Internet Portal. Let’s have a look at both of these in a bit more detail.

VMware Cloud Director replication


Leveraging traditional snapshot-centered replication, providers now have the opportunity to replicate workloads from the vApp, virtual data firm or center level, on the tenants’ behalf. This could be done between a supply and target VCD example either, or within exactly the same VCD instance.


Service providers can make VCD replication jobs along with perform failover and failback functions with replicated VM workloads which are area of the vAPP. VCD replication careers include all metadata for the VCD construct getting replicated, such as for example networking or VM begin order.

Service provider partners have already been awaiting this functionality, and they will have the ability to add this with their service offerings now. By leveraging automation strategies, you’ll be able to integrate this into current self-service offerings.

Veeam plug-in for VCD


Year building on the city version release last, this new capacity allows providers to leverage the extensibility of VCD and the HTML5 Plug-within UI. The brand new VCD Tenant UI contains existing Veeam Back-up & Replication efficiency, enabling tenants to control their very own backups and restores without departing the VCD internet console. As stated, this integration is founded on the prevailing VCD self-service back-up portal.

Once installed simply by the ongoing company and assigned to a VCD organization, tenants manage the restore and backup of these VCD workloads from the UI. We also integrate straight into the VCD UI with right-click functionality now, so tenants can truly add VMs to current backup jobs quickly.


Self-service is the schedule of VCD and contains become a critical element of IaaS offerings. Extending personal-assistance to backups is really as important just. Being able to utilize the extensibility of VCD and create this brand new capability in V11 implies that company offerings add more worth because of their tenants and tenants have the ability to have more manage of these backups in the event of disaster.

Bottom line


Veeam’s renewed dedication to enhancing existing VCD functions and adding a lot more with every release implies that V11 builds upon our already strong background of supporting our providers who make use of VCD within their program offerings, and we turn to continue innovating our features around VCD.

Install Veeam Back-up & Replication v11 these days to benefit from this feature plus much more!  Find out about most of the advanced functions obtainable in V11 and observe how we have been leading the cost in Cloud Data Administration.

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