Beneath the Hood of a Security Platform

When you head into a motor car showroom to get a new vehicle, you don’t be prepared to walk out keeping a couple of brakes, or even a tyre. You want the complete car. Often in the security industry too, customers’ requirements are met with an individual component that solves an individual problem. It’s as an industry of possible car owners all strolling out there of showrooms with luggage filled with disparate tools, racking your brains on how many car mechanics they shall need to hire to put all of the components together.

The experience of utilizing a security platform ought to be similar to entering a engine car showroom when compared to a repair shop. June marks the overall option of our platform, Cisco SecureX. Because the sector learns to define might know about all expect from the platform, let’s think about what it is believed by us is, and perhaps, as importantly just, what it’s not:

The following may be confused with a protection platform:

  • An interface added as a fresh UI to 1 or two point items. Two products usually do not create a platform!
  • Something that should be integrated by customers on the span of almost a year manually.
  • Another product that provides cost and complexity to an overburdened safety organization already.
  • A SIEM or perhaps a SOAR.

Conversely, a genuine security platform should:

  • Bring an established together, comprehensive group of security capabilities which are made better via integration.
  • Include strong, out-of-the-box integrations that want minimal or no hard work on the proper part of customers.
  • Be free or low priced, and help manage vendor sprawl of increase it instead.
  • Go well over and above the features of existing products such as SOAR or SIEM, enabling security teams to get unified visibility and get coordinated action by means of the platform also.

It might look like a tall purchase, but Cisco SecureX really does all that – and more. Right here’s how…

The business’s broadest, most integrated protection platform

We are in no way beginning with scratch with Cisco SecureX. Our platform may be the culmination of over ten years of work building one of the most comprehensive, efficient security solutions out there. Our broad group of systems protects against all risk vectors across your system, endpoints and users, cloud, and apps. Cisco SecureX unites an already strong, robust group of capabilities – permitting them to work to create you better visibility with each other, greater automation, and more powerful defenses.

Leading end of our platform – which we began focusing on in the past with Cisco Threat Response – allows you to visualize your integrated options in a single place and utilize them in concert to resolve your biggest security problems. And likewise to operational metrics, the platform delivers ROI metrics so that you can evaluate how your security is performing across the real way.

Others claim to be supplying a security system, but what they’re proclaiming to offer you is really a dashboard really. However, Cisco offers you the whole vehicle – and every one of the various components that get into it to create your organization run. There’s grounds why we protect 100% of the Fortune 100. when you&rsquo So;re offered a system, be sure you check beneath the hood to see what’s in there really.

Does the system bring the abilities of next-era firewalls together, email safety, secure access, and danger detection? Think about endpoint reaction and detection? Malware protection, application and cloud security, and web protection? Really does it deliver in-depth safety analytics from across your complete infrastructure? And could it be underpinned by one of the world’s largest threat intelligence organizations? Unfortunately, you can find a wide variety of inroads to your atmosphere these full days, therefore many varied tactics so you can get in, you need to make certain whoever is trying to market you a security system has all of them covered.

More powerful integrations than any vendor

While Cisco’s enterprise cybersecurity portfolio may be the broadest in the market, we recognize that we may’t perform everything, and that you’ll inevitably have to use other vendors to obtain the working job done. That’s why, along with extensive integrations across our very own portfolio, we’ve built an open ecosystem of 170+ partners which allows you to seamlessly connect to third-party technologies. And we will continue to add a lot more integrations in the future.

According to your 2020 CISO Benchmark Report, 81% of organizations think it is challenging to control a multi-vendor environment. With Cisco SecureX, it is possible to gain a unified look at of one’s various security technology from both Cisco along with other companies by way of a single, cloud-indigenous platform. And you will use these technologies to research and remediate threats collectively, without needing to swivel between various interfaces &ndash manually; or integrate them yourself.

“Of all suppliers we evaluated, Cisco had probably the most mature integrations to create security visibility jointly,” stated Alan Zaccario, vice president of IT and cybersecurity at New Castle Hotels and Resorts. “But it’s not really concerning the platform &mdash just; it must be manageable by way of a small store like ours if we’re likely to utilize it.”

To help expand reduce complexity, Cisco SecureX includes built-within playbooks, and the capability to create customized playbooks, so that you can use multiple technologies with each other for a particular workflow &ndash easily; such as risk hunting, or combating a phishing strike, for example. This functionality assists streamline the onerous procedure for detecting often, identifying, and that contains threats.

Cisco SecureX also draws from our worldwide leadership within networking to integrate with primary infrastructure and network options. That real way, the platform not merely benefits the security group, but additionally the IT and networking groups because they all collaborate to guard assets and keep companies up-and-running.

Cisco SecureX isn’t a product, also it costs no additional

Cisco SecureX can be acquired at no extra price to any Cisco consumer that owns among our security items. Because that’s just how it should be. Organizations are struggling to control too many suppliers and products already, and budgets are usually strained. A security platform shouldn’t be increasing these complexity and expenses.

Instead, Cisco SecureX builds off everything you have already. It creates your existing security features by permitting them to share cleverness and take automated much better, coordinated activities to mitigate threats or upgrade protection policies. In our latest CISO Benchmark Record, we learned that 77% of respondents are preparing to increase their safety automation to increase response periods – and we have been self-confident that SecureX can spearhead this objective.

Along with making day-to-day tasks simpler, a security platform ought to be simple to create also. You shouldn’t need to spend days or even hours to obtain it to work actually. And you also shouldn’t need to buy a couple of other items to see value as a result. Clients can realize worth from Cisco SecureX within 15 minutes. Significantly less than the time it requires to venture out and get a sit down elsewhere!

So much more when compared to a SOAR

SOARs (and their predecessors, SIEMs) are created to gather disparate security info from different techniques to greatly help streamline threat evaluation and incident response. Nevertheless, they are not equal to a security system. While they may be ideal for aggregating information, they’re another product not made to be integrated with other things typically.

The information they offer is not presented within an actionable format necessarily, and the onus of earning sense of the info and defining corresponding mitigation actions often falls on the security team itself. However, Cisco SecureX draws upon several security products to supply cohesive, actionable information and enable automated remediation all in one place also.

Unlike our platform, which may be used and up-and-running easily within minutes, SOARs are difficult to deploy often, find out, and use. And, they only take into account security operations typically, providing small to no worth to the IT and networking groups.

So, bottom line, in case a SOAR is had simply by you, don’t fret. Know that it&rsquo just;s different then a platform. Instead, it’s a kind of security product which can be integrated into a system like Cisco SecureX.

Get started with Cisco SecureX

So you own it there. If you prefer a motor car, don’t accept a bag of elements. And check beneath the hood to ensure it’s greater than a dashboard you’re obtaining.

As the biggest protection company in the global globe, we’re uniquely positioned to assist you evolve the real method you protect your organization now and in to the future. “Since implementing our Cisco security equipment, until recently, we haven’t had any serious compromises or even incidents,” mentioned Don Bryant, CISO at The University of NEW YORK at Pembroke. “We feel perfectly protected.”

Get started with Cisco SecureX these days, and discover all of the capabilities that strength our platform.

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