‘Twas the final Class Before Winter Break

A poem for virtual education and learning heroes of 2020

T’was the last course before Winter Split, and during educator houses

Computers were shutting lower, an escape for keyboards and mouses

We’ve earned the holiday break as part of your, time for lighting and for cheer

And time to think about what was accomplished this season

Educators were warriors, the backbone of assistance our students needed

Who understood educators could rise to this occasion? Without doubt, we did.

Classes looked like before never, lesson programs could not have expected

That soon, Webex will be how learners and teachers connected.

Teaching designs were tested, once we embraced Hybrid Learning

Who knew “Virtual Educator” was the badge we’d all be earning?

It began scary, “How shall we keep students supported?”

It became&nbsp somewhere;almost enjoyable? On video, we&nbsp together;laughed until all of us snorted.

On grid movie! On whiteboarding! On digital background changing!

On Mute All! On messaging! Oh, the abilities we wound gaining up!

With some toys and tools from Cisco, to find the right tips

Live training classeslesson planning tools, and virtual field journeys!

This season educators were the heroes of; so a lot resilience shown

We back look, realizing just how much we’ve discovered, and how our students possess grown

Though dreams of a secure go back to normalcy and class dance inside our heads

We’ve created the lasting impact, increasing student usage of learning instead

It’s because of YOU, dear educators, it had been created by that we’ve through

So we at Cisco, pause with love, to offer a heartfelt Thank You.

As we split from computer systems, to hold our families restricted

I wish Happy Holidays to all or any, and to all an excellent Winter Break.

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