Try Programmability & Advantage Computing Functions on a genuine Cisco Industrial Switch

We’ve got a genuine good deal with for you! You may get hands-on with a genuine Cisco industrial switch at this point, the Cisco Catalyst IE3400, out of your home. The switches in this tough series could be DIN-rail installed with IP30 as well as IP67 (IE3400 Heavy Duty) providing security against dust and submersion within drinking water. Hardened for vibration, surge and shock, the most robust change design can operate under severe temperature ranges of (-40°C to 75°C [-40°F to 167°F]). It does not have any fans (convection-cooled) and in addition has a suggest time taken between failures (MTBF) greater than 550,000 hrs! A robust rugged device that may operate just about everywhere on factory floors almost, electrical substations, essential oil & gas areas and at trackside infrastructures.

Reserve your DevNet Sandbox now to obtain a glimpse of its software program capabilities and what that can be done with it from the developer perspective!

Get acquainted with the user-helpful on-box Gadget Manger (WebUI) since seen below. Customers can navigate within their internet browser through the monitoring information easily, settings and configuration of these industrial device.

IE3400 screen photo

Of course, it is possible to access as well a great many other specific commercial features via SSH aswell and access Modbus TCP/IP, alarm I/O and SCADA settings.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to install containerized apps on the change directly. Test right now deploying your Docker IOx and containers applications upon the ARM powered CPU of the IE3400. We’ve prepared a sample server application on the DevNet Code Exchange that you can download or build.

IE3400 blog display screen

Since this switch collection runs Cisco’s open and programmable operating-system IOS XE, you can also configure these devices via the device degree APIs such as for example NETCONF/RESTCONF. This means for instance that you could change any device construction by simply owning a Python script from your own local device and apply the adjustments on as much devices as you need. Start today with this particular sandbox and receive operational and construction information in a JSON or XML format to the application.

Browse the industrial NetDevOps page to learn more on this use-situation and how to begin.

Enjoy this original sandbox and please tell us your suggestions and any kind of feature requests!

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