Trends in Information Protection for Veeam Resellers by 2023

Businesses, businesses, network colleagues, and vendors are all thinking that 2023 will be a summer of change, according to Veeam’s’s most recent release of the Data Protection Trends Report, in which 4, 200 business and IT leaders were polled about their IT and data protection strategies, including their future plans. They’d’d be accurate. Understanding the data protection environment is essential for helping your people meet their data retrieval and security requirements as a Veeam distributor or stream companion. For distributors and partners to take advantage of the opportunities presented in the rapidly changing content safeguard competition, the 2023 Data Protection Trends Partner Executive Brief provides insightful insight.

Important Report Findings

Businesses must be strategic when putting their data safety strategies into practice in the modern era, with cyber-resiliency being a top priority. According to research, ransomware attacks are becoming even more common. For the third year in a row, cyberattacks are the leading cause of significant and significant outages, and in 2022, 85 % of affected organizations reported being successfully hit at least once, up from 76 % the year before. 39 % of effected organizations also reported having their entire datasets successfully encrypted or destroyed. Just capabilities across vigorous, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructures are provided by capable contemporary data protection solutions. According to current hybrid infrastructure trends, physical servers and virtual machines account for 28 % and 25 % of the landscape, respectively, while 47 % of all workloads are hosted in the cloud. Mobility between all existing facilities has inevitably become essential as the progressive transition to cloud-hosted servers has proven effective for organizations. In some cases, like with businesses, the transition to cloud-based IT and SaaS has been more challenging. According to research, many businesses may be using agent-based sky workload protection in reputation backup software that was created for the physical facts center era. With this in mind, top-tier organisation backup and recovery solutions now require cloud-hosted safety and reliability. The historic trend toward cloud-powered data protection is also evident, regardless of whether data is stored on tape — which is still the case for nearly 50 % of data at some point during its lifecycle — because 67 % of global organizations currently use cloud services as part of their information protection strategy, with an aspiration of 74 % by 2025. The trends are obvious: Organizations are likely to change backup solutions in order to respond to shifting pressures and conditions. These trends include the growing threat of ransomware, the demands of a changing IT service landscape, and the challenges of safeguarding contemporary IaaS and SAS workloads.

Choices for network partners and vendors of Veeam

What’s’s in it for you as a Veeam reseller or channel partner, then? According to those polled in the 2023 Data Protection Trends Report, their data protection budgets will rise by 6.5 % by the end of the year, which is significantly more than the 5.1 % increase in IT spending and 5.2 % increase predicted by IDC and Gartner, respectively. Veeam resellers and stream partners may be willing to take advantage of this industry-wide transition given the rising demand for data protection. You can assist people in increasing their dependability and securing IaaS and SAS tasks, among other things. For companies and organizations whose legacy systems are built around external data centers, this is particularly true. The two most sought-after criteria for organisation data protection are improving cloud-based reliability and protecting IaaS and SaaF loads. ( I strongly advise you to visit the 2023 Enterprise Data Protection Summit for more information. ) Address the difficulties caused by malware incidents and cyber-resiliency. There has been a sharp rise in ransomware attacks as more and more tasks are moving to the sky. The amount of ransom payments in the US in 2021 ranged from$ 5, 506 to$ 40 million. More than ever, harmful players are conscious of how companies use their data and comprehend how important it is. For your clients, implement BC / DR techniques and mechanisms. Having fewer rescue points on premises and migrating workloads to cloud-based store for information keeping is now regarded as a great best practice because the majority of recovery data will inevitably be coming from cloud – hosted backups. 54 % of businesses currently use or anticipate using on-premises servers for BC / DR, while 46 % intend to use cloud-hosted infrastructure. For data safety and recovery, emphasize the significance of orchestrated procedures. Only 18 % of corporations currently have an orchestrated process ability within their information protection or backups strategies, according to the 2023 Data Protection Trends Report. Clients will be better equipped to maintain business continuity in the face of malware and other disasters if they integrate orchestrated processes into their data safety and rescue strategy( such as with the much-praised Veeam Disaster Recover Orchestrator ).

Veeam Data Platform Introduction

Veeam Data Platform continues to lead the field in dependable backup and recovery with the current release of V12. You can help your customers win by introducing them to the Veeam Data Platform’s’s features and products, including:

  • Smart cloud storage tiering and store pay control
  • Support for a wide range of workloads for IaaS, PaaF, and SaAS operations
  • API reporting and consolidated monitoring and management potential
  • Veeam Backup for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Kubernetes are a few examples of storage and disaster recovery tools.

Veeam offers a much-needed logical solution as your clients prepare for network changes, including support for cloud-based workload storage, efficient cloud backup usage, and the assurance that workloads are moving smoothly in the hybrid cloud.

The Advantages of Veeam as a Partner

Data Security, Data Recovery, and Data Freedom, the three columns of the Veeam Data Platform, are never static. Your faith in Veeam does speak for itself given the advantages listed below and the several and frequent honors it has received over the years. the market for data protection skills of Leverage Veeam. Veeam has gained widespread respect for its experience in data protection as the tried-and-true president in Modern Data Protection. With cutting-edge options, meet the changing needs of customers. Make sure your clients have multi-layered protection for ongoing security, widespread recovery, and strong data freedom with no lock-in. Visit Veeam’s’s extensive network of professionals in the fields of industry services, DRaaS. Make the most of your Veeam colleagues, clients, and customers by taking advantage of the extensive network of professional expertise specialists and BaaS and cloud providers. Visit the ProPartner Network program offered by Veeam for assistance and resources. Gain access to a global ecosystem with specialized products, tools, and resources made to help partners became more successful and spur growth.


Veeam channel partners and distributors must be conscious of market changes. It is essential for the success of your clients that you introduce them to established best techniques and products that anticipate this change as the economy continues to evolve towards cross network. You can do this with Veeam Data Platform’s’s many offerings and the aforementioned good practices. I strongly advise you to read the 2023 Data Protection Trends Partner Executive Brief if you’re’re a Veeam reseller or channel partner and want to learn more. It covers all of the subjects covered in this forum and is clear, educational, and available for free download. You can access the brief around or click the link below. connected methods: