Top 5 Employee Supervising Software For 2021

Employee Monitoring may be the procedure for tracking employee actions such as for example app use, web browsing, email communications, document transfers etc. A worker monitoring option allows a small business to keep a watch on its customers so they cannot put the business in harm’s method intentionally or unintentionally by leaking sensitive information, sabotage, fraud, theft or additional miscreants. An organization might also use a worker monitoring treatment for track employee efficiency and compliance such as for example active vs idle period, effort allocated to productive vs unproductive duties, workplace harassment, etc.

Considered a specialized answer once, the recent pandemic has boosted the reputation of employee monitoring software program among regular companies. As increasingly more companies find themselves functioning across distributed, remote control teams, supervisors are tasked with getting brand-new tools and innovative methods to ensure security, efficiency, and compliance outdoors their company walls. Contemporary employee monitoring options, which were  created for remote teams at heart to begin with, can alleviate several nagging problems.

We looked at twelve popular employee supervising solutions and picked the very best 5 utilizing a 10-stage litmus test: features, company case (price vs worth), flexibility/scalability, simple deployment, system availability, vendor reputation, assistance/SLA offered, integration and compatibility ability etc. You can discover more information concerning the checklist here: How to find the Best Employee Monitoring System?

The review below is compiled by us making use of publicly available info on respective vendor websites, demo, trials, documentation, and online reviews. If any item has transformed or any inaccuracies are usually noticed by you, please why don’t we know and we’ll correct them.

Teramind has been consistently ranked #1 inside the employee monitoring software program room by popular journals and evaluation sites. Top quality, ‘Teramind UAM (User Action Monitoring)’, its employee supervising alternative goes beyond the essential monitoring and tracking efficiency and adds intelligent plan and rules motor to automatically react to insider threats and information leaks.

Teramind UAM can gauge employee productivity, conduct risk evaluation, prevent unauthorized information exfiltration and manage how privileged customers access company resources whilst logged in at business workstations and servers. It includes comprehensive forensic information and program recordings to recognize the employees and suppliers who’ve triggered a rule violation with their exercise footprint with pinpoint precision. Lately the ongoing organization has launched various features such as for example time tracking, a cellular app and powerful company intelligence dashboard to create it an easy task to monitor and manage remote control teams effectively.


    • Intuitive interface with widgets and custom made dashboard and reporting.
    • Powerful rules and plan engine with a huge selection of pre-built templates.

audio and

  • Screen recording, live look at and remote-control features.
  • Comprehensive solution as time passes tracking, task management, productivity, risk analysis and built-in business intelligence (BI) features.
many features may be overwhelming for some customers

    • Too.
    • No assistance for Linux and cellular devices.
    • The Macintosh version of the agent provides limited functionalities.

expensive for smaller sized organizations

  • Slightly.


Starting in $5 endpoint/30 days (On-premise), $10 user/30 days (Cloud).

If you’re a small-to-medium company (SMB), ActivTrak’s worker monitoring software has all of the necessary employee monitoring features you might ever need. For instance, screen recording, employee period tracking, application, and site usage monitoring and much more. It offers some insider danger prevention capabilities also, albeit a little limited. For illustration, it could block websites and stop USB drive use. It includes some limited privacy functions such as the capability to redact display screen recording and you need to pay extra $9/month per consumer for it.

ActivTrak has been the only real vendor we researched that provides a free edition of these product. However, the free version only enables you to monitor around 3 store and users 3GB worth of logs and screenshots. Other features may also be not a lot of on the freemium program rendering it almost useless for company purposes.


  • Freemium version.
  • Display screen recording.
  • Project-centered productivity tracking.
  • Danger scoring.

  • Simply no OCR or fingerprinting abilities.
  • No dedicated documents or keystrokes logging.
  • Zero keystrokes logging.
  • Its use of Search engines Cloud for analytics might raise privacy issues.


Basic plan is free of charge. Standard price begins at $7.20 user/month.

Veriato, known as SpectorSoft formerly, is among the oldest web and cybersecurity monitoring software program providers operating since 1998. It provides user activity monitoring, consumer behavior analytics, ransomware recognition and log management apps to enterprise, mid-marketplace, and small company. Veriato Eyesight is its employee supervising solution.

Vision includes a granular group of activity supervising and recording functions such as for example web, app, document, social media marketing, chats, keylogger, printer, IM, printer etc. It includes powerful productivity reports furthermore, real-period insider and alerts threat recognition capabilities. However, most of the Veriato platform’s special features such as for example AI-structured behavioral analytics, anomaly alerts, and danger scoring aren’t available on Vision. You shall have to upgrade to its Cerebral treatment for get them. Having said that, Cerebral itself could be improved with optional add-ons. For instance, Veriato DLP shall enable you to identify and tag sensitive information and protect them from exfiltration attempts. Veriato Endpoint Control gives remote lockdown capacity for compromised and stolen computer systems.


  • May detect all user action such as for example app virtually, web, email, IM, data files, network etc.
  • Effective compliance and plan management features.
  • Efficiency reporting.
  • Unique ROI evaluation tool to measure waste materials, return and savings %.

    • No system activity monitoring or danger scoring.
    • No anomaly recognition.

cloud deployment option

  • Only.
  • No monthly prices plan.


Starting from $12.5 user/month.

The typical version of the InterGuard employee supervising software offers activity tracking on five categories: gadget, website, email, instant and app messenger/chat. Customers can purchase add-ons for document &amp also; print tracking, data reduction prevention, endpoint geolocation and lockdown. It is probably the most system agnostic options we reviewed. InterGuard can be acquired for workstation, Computer/server, Mac, Chromebook, Google android, iOS, along with Citrix along with other virtual desktop environments.

The dashboard includes six views: productivity charts, user view, alert logs, information view, report & search and notifications. The anomalous behaviour tracking and DLP functions can  identify unusual actions patterns such as for example excessive downloading or publishing documents, unusual login exercise etc. The plan wizard enables you to create ‘DataLock Plan’ for email, removable mass media and data at relaxation (files). The software includes a simple but efficient productivity dashboard that enables you to track active time, action heatmap, identify successful/unproductive period etc. for departments and groups.


  • Support for an array of platforms.
  • Behavioral anomaly detection.
  • Detailed efficiency analysis.
  • Substantial reporting capability.

  • Limited exercise blocking features.
  • Simply no OCR, fingerprinting.
  • Need to get additional modules for complete functionality.
  • A complete large amount of manual settings required.


Starting with $9.99 user/month.

Among the recent entrants inside the block, Workpuls has generated itself as a favorite employee monitoring software program quickly, among small-to-medium businesses because of its aggressive prices and value especially. The answer emerges in four flavors: Worker Monitoring, Time Tracking, Automatic Time Enterprise and Mapping.

Although it is classified being an employee supervising solution, Workpuls primarily targets time employee and monitoring engagement versus insider threat prevention and security. As such, its monitoring features are limited by applications and sites only. Workpuls is quite conscious about worker privacy and compliance furthermore. Admins can simply select which internet sites and apps they don’t desire to track time, or screenshots about for a united group. Additionally, project and guide based monitoring scenarios enable employees to start out, pause or cease their task timer.


  • Modern, slick-looking interface.
  • Versatile attendance and period tracking features.
  • Employee clock-inside/clock-out kiosk for computers and remote groups.
  • Automated web and app categorization to recognize un/productive tasks.

  • Zero insider threat detection or even data loss prevention functions.
  • Can only monitor app and web routines.
  • Screenshots aren’t continuous, capped at 30 each hour for non-enterprise variations.
  • On-premise license requires at the very least 100 users.


Starting on $4.80 user/month.

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