Three explanations why Stealthwatch Cloud is really a modern-day cloud security solution

The global world is changing, and are also your workloads. That which was bound to the on-prem data center as soon as, a big cluster of tech stacks at an area branch office, will be effortlessly deployed within the &lsquo now;cloud’. The cloud is really a real solution to store data that will require no physical infrastructure for the end-user to control. Cloud migration is really a hot topic and contains already been on CISO’s minds for a long time. As you can imagine, it is a cheaper and easier solution to manage store and workloads sensitive data. Why wouldn’t you need to migrate your company in to the cloud? In a recently available bout of the Cloud Unfiltered podcast, John Heintz, Technical Options Architect at Cisco, sat right down to discuss hawaii of the cloud and the problems that companies are facing because they try to migrate and leverage cloud assets, secure their remote employees and more. More, Heintz explains why Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud facilitates a holistic method of security, is easy to utilize and appropriate for hybrid-cloud deployments, and is way better with Cisco SecureX also.

Stealthwatch Cloud facilitates a holistic method of security

Stealthwatch Cloud, Tetration and AppDynamics get together to provide full security at the system, workload, and program layers respectively. Stealthwatch Cloud provides users confidence that, if they are breached making use of stolen credentials or top-tier workarounds to firewall plans, they will be alerted to any malicious behavior. With one of these tools activated even, threats will get through still. Stealthwatch Cloud utilizes the system itself as a sensor and detect threats through numerous ways of behavioral modeling. Following a true amount of days, Stealthwatch Cloud understands what’s normal and can alert customers of anomalies or even deviations. That is, in case a printer isn’t acting in a genuine way a printer would usually act, Stealthwatch Cloud shall detect it and flag a good alert.

Multi-cloud is complicated. Stealthwatch Cloud isn’t.

Stealthwatch Cloud ingests all your community cloud telemetry and detects threats like simply no other security solution. Options from other vendors assistance multiple clouds but just Stealthwatch Cloud can easily see into indigenous telemetry like VPC and NSG logs. Additionally, it uses this given info to generate alerts which are unique to different public cloud suppliers like AWS, Azure and GCP. Deployment is easy and users shall actually receive a report of most findings during the trial offer period. Stealthwatch Cloud is important to all forms of businesses, from huge enterprises to “pop and mom pizza stores” in accordance with Heintz. The device is SaaS-delivered and costed uniquely for every customer so that also those with really small deployments can really feel self-confident that their cloud example is secure.

Cisco SecureX and Stealthwatch Cloud are much better together

SecureX connects the breadth of Cisco’s integrated protection portfolio as well as your entire safety infrastructure for a frequent experience that unifies presence, enables automation, and strengthens protection across your system, endpoint, cloud, and applications. Stealthwatch Cloud’s strength is in network visitors analysis.

It provides visibility in to the general public applies and cloud advanced safety analytics to detect threats within real-time. SecureX increases the performance of Stealthwatch Cloud, since it ties it to equipment like AMP for ISE and Endpoints, that enable quick host isolation along with other remediation methods. In exchange, SecureX may use east/west information created from Stealthwatch Cloud to observe how threats are relocating laterally through the system.

This is only the start of cloud migration. A growth in remote workers shows businesses they are with the capacity of leaving on-prem information facilities behind and Stealthwatch Cloud may be the perfect tool to greatly help them make use of the public cloud securely.

Be sure to pay attention to the Cloud Unfiltered podcast, and join a 60-day free trial today.

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