This year’s biggest Android upgrade disappointment

To say it year’s Google android upgrade performance is a letdown will be one heck of an understatement.

Sure, you could explain the widely cited stats showing that Google android 11’s adoption is the greatest of any latest Android edition with regards to how many mobile phones are running the program around this six-month mark. And certain, that’s definitely something .

But you know very well what? That is clearly a pretty frickin’ reduced bar to create. When we’re discussing a significant new Android release – software program that’s filled with essential personal privacy- and security-associated enhancements that affect how both Google android itself and third-celebration apps are permitted to interact with your computer data – simply having a 5th of most Android phones running finished . half of a year following its release isn’t precisely a win really worth celebrating.

My data-driven Android 11 Upgrade Record Card says everything. Utilizing the same standard formulation I’ve relied to grade Google android device-makers for nearly ten years now (related: I’m 700 yrs . old), I came across that beyond Google, every main U.S. flagship phone-maker did sufficient to earn just a D-degree or flat-out failing quality with its Google android 11 upgrade deliveries. The second-location rating in this year’s position was a measly 68% D+. And things just worsen from there.

So even, what’s listed for the reason that latest Report Cards isn’t the largest disappointment of most. Yes, everyone beyond Search engines can and should perform better at getting present software out with their highest-paying clients in a reasonably timely way – but to be honest, at this point, the majority of those letdowns are usually pretty much expected .

The biggest disappointment is in fact something that’s only a tiny asterisk in the ocean of Android – something not significant enough to earn a location for the reason that Upgrade Report Card analysis. But it’s a thing that had represented a little glimmer of guarantee in the larger Android picture then one I got hoped will be a shining highlight of the conversation.

I’m talking about just how Microsoft – yes, Microsoft! – is handling software assistance on its very first and self-made Android item thus-far-only, the pricey and uncommon Microsoft Surface area Duo .

The Surface area Duo?! Who cares right -? Believe me, It really is got by me. Microsoft’s inaugural Google android hardware effort hasn’t specifically been a house run or a cell phone that’s made any other thing more when compared to a pebble-sized splash in the higher Android ocean. But because I’ve mentioned right away , the tale of the Duo will be less concerning the admittedly imperfect specifics of the single initial item and more concerning the broader look at of what it might show us regarding Microsoft’s cellular ambitions – what it might result in , put simply, with long term generations of gadgets.

Microsoft Surface Duo Android Microsoft

THE TOP Duo: intriguing, uncommon, and outdated.


And section of what I really was hoping to see uncovered – something I known as the best Android question of 2020 , actually – had been whether Microsoft could have the ability to shake up the unfortunate state of Google android upgrades.

It’s not this type of crazy notion to take into account. Consider it: Beyond Google, almost every other Android device-manufacturers have zero motivation to create timely and continuous post-sales software support important – so actually, it’s no real surprise that we start to see the types of halfhearted, tortoise-paced initiatives that people do with Google android upgrade delivery. Businesses like Samsung and Motorola create their cash by hawking equipment mostly. Software updates require sources and time, and the companies carrying out all that legwork do not get anything tangible back return. If anything, regular updates really work against many phone-makers’ interests, because they make you less inclined to wish to move out and purchase a shiny new gadget.

Within Android typically, Google has been the only real exception compared to that rule – since Google’s motivated to help keep you making use of your phone (and therefore the internet and its own services) whenever you can and with since pleasant of an event as it could muster up. Even though you don’t buy brand new phones all that usually, after all, Google still online advantages from having you, involved, and ecstatic about your Google android setup.

Microsoft, interestingly sufficient, is fairly similar. Like with Google just, hardware product sales aren’t the principal focus of this company’s business. Rather, it relies mainly on systems, software, and providers to create its cash. The hardware is mainly just a solution to bring you more in to the Microsoft ecosystem – an ecosystem Microsoft spent some time working painstakingly to build-up within Android .

To estimate the sensible phrases of the very most handsome and humble article writer I know:


Microsoft is within a fairly unique position because the sole company beyond Google that device sales alone aren’t the primary goal or even motivation – and that providing long-term software improvements has some genuine tangible benefits. Not just that, but Microsoft is approximately the only real Android-involved company apart from Google with encounter at supplying timely software program updates on a big scale – and a brief history of prioritizing that.

The Surface Duo, despite its relative insignificance within the Android scenery and in my Report Card as of this true point, was the initial test of how Microsoft might fare for the reason that department. And what’s happened?

Well, I’ll inform ya, Tito: nada. Bupkis precisely. Microsoft hasn’t completed a damn thing showing any indications of taking operating-system upgrades significantly on its first Google android device. Six months at night launch of Android 11, the Duo is seated on stale increasingly, 18-months-outdated and out-of-date software now. For a company which makes a spot of updating its Windows operating-system every seven to 14 seconds – and an organization that a lot of certainly knows the worthiness of maintaining current, up-to-date software optimally, particularly when it involves business situations – that isn’t just disappointing; it’s pathetic.

Even worse, Microsoft hasn’t made the peep, officially, about what’s happening and if so when the Duo could see Google android 11. Unofficially, rumors recommend the phone could easily get the upgrade – which, actually, was released in earlier September of 2020 – sometime “come early july.”

Based on when that eventually ends up happening exactly, that’d create the upgrade from nine to an impressive 12 months past due. By August or September (both which remain part of summer season), we’ll be properly on our solution to viewing the following Android edition, Android 12 , in the wild out. And Microsoft’s self-made item might just be obtaining the previous, on-the-brink-of-being-outdated release already.

That’d be unacceptable for any Android phone – even a cheap one. For a telephone that men and women forked out $1,400 for, it’s bordering on insulting. And for a mobile phone that comes from an organization with Microsoft’s history, features, business focus, and encounter delivering dependable and timely software up-dates, it’s nearly embarrassingly pitiful.

Let me think Microsoft could nevertheless redeem itself and switch things around with upcoming Duo generations, but Goog almighty, it offers a lot of improving to perform. I have no idea that any other business in this arena provides can be found in with so a lot promise and fallen so rapidly to this type of staggering degree of disappointment.

So seriously, Microsoft: Make an effort to exert at the very least a teensy little bit of effort with this particular, would ya? Also your previous pal Clippy’s gotta end up being hangin’ his pretty small paperclip mind in shame at this time.

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