These 5 Understanding Labs shall Kick Begin Your Network Automation Abilities

Execute a New is had by you 12 months’s resolution? Have you been informing yourself you need to get started doing learning network automation? Yr brings new motivation not only to lose weight in case you are like me the brand new, but to understand something new.

Right now, you’re in an ideal position to get new automation skills — free of charge. All you need can be your notebook and an web connection. DevNet has all you need to begin with, from free understanding tracks to free usage of Cisco systems like ACI, NX-Operating system, and Meraki in the programmer sandboxes. When you have not done so currently, sign up for DevNet free now.

In this write-up I will give out 5 studying labs that may help you kick begin your 2021 as well as your network automation journey.

Networking Basics

Before we get started doing network automation even, we need to know the fundamentals of networking. In case you are completely new to networking that is surface zero. This module reduces the fundamentals of networking, topologies, and IP addressing.

Programmer Workstation and Environment Set up

This module targets assisting you setup your laptop or computer for DevNet. You shall understand why you will need a developer environment, how to established one up, and about edition control, and shells. In case you are completely new to automation but possess a grasp on networking currently, I would here start.

Python Fundamentals

Python is the hottest network automation language at this time. You’re trained by this module the basics of Python, APIs (Application Development Interfaces), JSON, and git aswell. They are the core abilities for automation and development. The more you exercise, the higher you shall git!

Relaxation API Fundamentals

The prior module touches on APIs which module dives much deeper while introducing us to Postman even. You shall love this particular module because you reach parse data from a genuine WebEx API. Enjoy!

Introduction to Design Driven Programmability

Now it’s time and energy to escape our comfort zone. Explore RESTCONF and NETCONF to talk to Cisco XE IOS gadgets. Here is where one can gain some genuine superpowers which you can use to control your networks.

You got this!

So you own it there. 5 free understanding labs to assist you kick your brand-new Year into gear. System automation is really a journey not a location. Embrace the journey. Each day help to make your goal in 2021 to understand something new. I recall how excited I had been when I started, but I recall a few of the challenges that I faced furthermore. Here is a write-up on how I acquired started:

You’re wished by me much success in 2021. Year this is your! Don’t let anything cease you. You have this! #DevNet

If any feedback is had by you let me know in the comments section below – leave me a information, ask a question, anything you want.

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