There’s new and up-to-date planning resources for contemporary intranets in Microsoft 365

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Did you understand that Microsoft includes a rich assortment of best-practice assistance and suggestions for intranet planning? This week just, it released a fresh “intelligent intranet” web site with videos, templates, consumer interviews, and more to greatly help users find motivation and planning assistance because of their intelligent intranet journey.There’s a whole lot of great content material linked in the brand new site – and much more on two systems: support.office.com and docs.microsoft.com. Though I’m uncertain this is actually the case consistently, this content on assistance.office.com is basically focused on customers and forms the backbone of working out content delivered with Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways. This content on docs.microsoft.com is commonly aimed a lot more at administrators and addresses advanced topics. An abundance is supplied by both collections of helpful tips, with  articles compiled by a stellar group of technical writers that often get in touch with practitioners to help enhance the articles.

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