The very best Android apps for organizing your daily life

Most of us juggle an immense amount of information these full days – enough duties, to-do’s, and scattered scraps of mental information to fill a 40-gallon aquarium. (Just imagine those tiny small thought-fishies swimming around! Glub, glub, glub.)

But do you know what? Your exhausted ol’ noggin isn’t the only real tool for monitoring the important stuff that you experienced. That shiny slab of cup in your wallet is filled with excellent apps that may organize virtually everything imaginable for you personally. And now’s nearly as good a period as any to embrace their organizational prowess and present your brain a rest.

These are the very best Google android apps for organizing different regions of your daily life – all totally free unless or else noted and all easily available on the internet in addition to on other platforms to allow them to end up being accessed from any gadget, anytime.

Organize work




Whether you’re dealing with a group or attempting to keep your personal independent projects to be able, Trello has an intuitive yet feature-packed program for organizing concepts and tracking progress.

The app breaks your organization down into a number of boards. Within each table, a series is established by you of lists. And within each listing, you add any correct amount of cards – singular items that contain text, photos, data files, and so on. It is possible to label and color-program code cards and assign payment dates, and you (and other people you invite) can touch upon cards to include in thoughts and improvements.

android organization apps trello JR Raphael/IDG

Trello’s boards (in left) give a powerful and versatile program for organizing cards with textual content, photos, files, and also to-do lists (at correct).

If you actually need to get crazy, Trello comes with an advanced automation program known as Butler that enables you to set up a variety of custom guidelines and actions for the info. For example, you may make it in order that anytime a cards is provided the label “Urgent,” Butler movements it to the very best of its list instantly, assigns it a deadline one workday in to the long term, and sends out a contact to you and other people relevant to make certain that doesn’t get forgotten.

You might ask Butler to arrange your cards automatically predicated on their because of dates as well as their latest activity first thing each morning. (Butler could be configured just from Trello’s site or desktop computer app, by the real way, but your guidelines are established once, they’ll function within the Google android app aswell.)

Trello is totally free with optional $5-a-month person subscriptions alongside $10-per-user-per-30 days business programs that unlock a number of additional functions – including larger file accessories; more complex automation capabilities; timeline, desk, and calendar sights for the boards; and a variety of advanced management capabilities.



For a far more multilayered, text-driven types of organization, Workflowy – a relatively new info-organizing device – is really worth exploring.

Workflowy enables you to organize projects right into a series of outline-such as bullet points. That easy but surprisingly powerful construction empowers one to envision your information as an “infinite record,” with many connected layers, all of which may be expanded or collapsed with an individual tap.

02 note taking apps workflowy b JR Raphael/IDG
Workflowy runs on the simple but effective system of collapsible bullet points to assist you organize work – or just about anything else imaginable.


You can also tap on anybody bullet stage within Workflowy to open up it as a standalone record and focus on it as though it were its Phrase or Google Docs document.

Basics aside, Workflowy provides some impressive equipment for intricate company, including a tagging program that makes it an easy task to hyperlink different bullet factors together and the mirroring system which allows you to possess certain bullet points come in multiple places. In addition, it includes a robust collaboration program for sharing either whole lists or simply specific individual bullet factors with others as viewable and optionally editable internet links.

Workflowy is totally free for individual use, monthly with a limit of 250 brand new lists and items. AN EXPERT plan – which gets rid of that restriction and provides in more customization choices, a Dropbox backup probability, and premium-level assistance – runs $49 per year or $48 per user each year in a team set up , with management abilities included.


Organize your to-perform lists



Android’s got a lot of commendable tools to make lists and organizing jobs, but Todoist is really a cut that beats all others. The app includes a easy-to-navigate and clean user interface with oodles of helpful features for making, organizing, and – – in fact progressing through all sorts of lists critically.

Todoist’s main display revolves around a “These days” view that presents, as you’d expect, for your day any duties you have pending. You can shift from there to a broader “Inbox” view which includes all your pending tasks, of if they have a date connected with them regardless, along with an “Upcoming” look at that presents a calendar-like break down of date-specific tasks predicated on when they’re fixed to be due.

That simple framework could be for a lot of enough, but where Todoist really shines is in its advanced task organization options – for example, what sort of app enables you to create subtasks and subtasks within subtasks and assign some of those items its label, priority flag, and time- or location-based reminder. It is possible to attach comments or document uploads to individual jobs and subtasks even, too.

Todoist makes it simple to search during your tasks, search by labels, or search by filters – variables this type of task’s priority degree, its deadline (or absence thereof), and be it assigned to you or even to another person, in a team environment.

The service also offers a fascinating “Projects” section that enables you to organize tasks into multilayered projects and view them either as traditional lists or as Trello-like boards, with list titles transformed into tasks and columns appearing as cards it is possible to drag around to rearrange.

android organization apps todoist JR Raphael/IDG
Todoist’s “Today” section, from still left, with subtasks – and the panel view within the “Tasks” section, at right.


Todoist boasts plenty of built-in (and perhaps customizable) shortcuts so you can get round the app and digesting duties rapidly. It has time-preserving touches like the capability to type jobs in basic English and have the correct configurations applied – typing “Contact Mary Fri at 3,” for example, of Fri at 3 p to produce a task and conserve it with a deadline.m. And it’s really perfectly fitted to both specific and group use.

Todoist is free with its base degree, though a few of the more complex features – including reminders, remarks, attachments, labels, and filter systems – need a $36-a-year Superior subscription. Team programs are furthermore accessible for $5 per user monthly.


Organize your notes


Microsoft OneNote

If you ever feel just like your brain might use some supplementary storage space, Microsoft OneNote may be the app you want. It isn’t the simplest Android note-taking application around, however for anyone who offers a continuing barrage of incoming info, it’s the best completely featured choice for pulling various kinds of data together and maintaining everything in a practical order.

OneNote features a notebook-driven system for organizing any type of information imaginable – tapped-out memos practically, voice notes, pictures, handwriting, or any mix of those elements. It provides ample equipment for formatting and structuring your notes in virtually any real way you prefer, too.

android note taking apps onenote canvas JR Raphael/IDG
OneNote gives you a great deal of flexibility in ways to collect and format details inside your various notebooks.


You may also forward email messages into your notebooks for safekeeping via a distinctive address and conserve entire webpages for afterwards reference by posting them from your own phone’s browser. And talking about reference later, OneNote includes a standout search program both for information across your accounts and for particular info within a be aware you’re actively viewing.

For the best in cross-platform notice organization having an emphasis on Android, OneNote may be the strategy to use absolutely.


Organize random things you will need to remember


Google Associate

For on-the-go reminders fast, you can’t do superior to your device’s built-in Search engines Assistant – which may be accessed inside latest Android versions either utilizing the “Hey Search engines” hotword or by swiping diagonally upward from either smaller corner of the display screen. (With older phones, Associate is often accessible with a long-press or perhaps a swipe-up from the legacy Google android Home button.) It is possible to set up a house screen shortcut for Associate also, if you’d like to, by setting up this companion app .

When you need to keep in mind something at a specific time or place, simply tell Assistant what it really is and how you desire to be reminded. For example, you could state “remind me to get figs when I’m at the grocery,” “remind me to speak to Myrtle when I reach function,” or “remind me to contact the lunch purchase at 11 a.m.” Once you reach the correct place or time, your telephone – and any compatible devices which you’re signed in – will alert you.

When you simply need to keep in mind something and don’t need an alert, meanwhile, simply show Assistant to keep in mind it – “understand that my rental vehicle is really a blue Honda Accord with Arizona permit plate X2A3PQ,” “understand that Murray’s wife’s title is Hortense,” “understand that the Boston workplace Wi-Fi password is ‘pickle123,'” and so forth. Then, if you want to recall the associated info, all you need to accomplish ask (start to see the screenshot below).

android organization apps google assistant JR Raphael/IDG
Google Assistant will keep you from forgetting a variety of important information.


Automated business – doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Organize areas and parking places


Search engines Maps

Sure, you understand Google Maps is ideal for navigation – but do you realize you can also utilize it to keep an eye on important places?

Open up Maps, tap the Saved tab in the bottom of the display then. Scroll down and soon you see the area labeled “Your lists” to check out the “New list” choice within it. That’ll enable you to create a assortment of related locations – like good areas for company lunches or all your client offices inside a particular area. After that you can pull up those accepted places about the same interactive map for easy browsing or navigation.

android organization apps google maps JR Raphael/IDG
Maps enables you to maintain custom selections of related areas and view them as an inventory (at left) or even on a map (on right).


Maps may also keep in mind your parking location and support you in finding it later: Just open up the app and tap the glowing blue dot that represents your present location, then select “Save your valuable parking” from the menus that shows up. If you want, you can also add photos or even notes and set a timer-based reminder. You’ll after that see your saved place in a box in the bottom of the app in addition to in a notification near the top of your display.

Organize your travel



If you spend enough time flying the friendly (or sometimes not-so-friendly) skies – or possibly you just desire to make contact with doing that along with other vaguely normal company routines in the not-too-distant future – TripIt can be an Android traveling app worthy of cramming into your carry-on.

The service helps it be simple as is usually to add any kind of plans into an automatically organizing trip-specific agenda: You merely forward any confirmation email – be it about flight plans, resort reservations, car local rental info, or other things – to a particular email address almost, and the ongoing support extracts everything and puts them right into a tidy and easily shareable format. It could even sync those plans together with your calendar application and make them come in your agenda without the extra effort, if you wish to create this type of connection.

All those features are free of charge completely, but TripIt’s most exceptional worth originates from its optional $49-a-yr TripIt Professional assistance – which adds inside useful features want real-time trip alerts (both throughout your trip and inside the times and weeks before it), a monitoring program for refund-generating fare reductions , and a helpful associate that enables you to find and publication alternate flights if the necessity ever arises.

android organization apps google tripit JR Raphael/IDG
TripIt creates neatly organized itineraries and – if you are using its optional Pro program – can even keep track of your flights and support you in finding alternate options where chairs are still available.


The Professional membership also offers you a free of charge four-month demo on Crystal clear access for faster safety processing at specific airports and a recurring $20 yearly discount on this program, if you opt to stick with it.

Organize your expenses



Trying to keep an eye on receipts for business-related costs is among life’s excellent annoyances – but wait! There is a better way.

Whether you’re logging costs on the highway or receiving expenses via email, Expensify will all the organizational do the job. You scan any actual receipt within the app just, and it will extract and log all of the relevant details. For digital statements, you can forwards them to a particular address and have a similar thing happen.

android organization apps expensify JR Raphael/IDG
Expensify makes it simple to save lots of and organize your organization expenses.


Expensify may also categorize and notate your expenditures based on custom guidelines you create. So when all of your information is collected, it could be organized because of it into ready-to-send expenditure reports or transmit the knowledge straight into your accounting software.

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        The ongoing service costs <a href="https://www.expensify.com/pricing" rel="noopener nofollow" focus on="_blank">$5 the month</the> or $9 per user monthly for a business-level registration that includes features such as for example corporate charge card reconciliation and multi-phase acceptance.</p><h2 course="toc" id="toc-8">Organize all your physical files</h2><h4><a href="https://play.search engines.com/store/apps/information?id=com.area120.documents" rel="noopener nofollow" focus on="_blank">Stack</the></h4><p>While Expensify gets the most featured fully, time-saving set up for receipt cost and saving processing, a fresh <a href="https://blog.google/technology/region-120/stack/" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">"experimental" Google app</a> known as Stack deserves a point out in your community of broader paperwork corporation also.

Stack enables you to import any types of physical documents into your phone – simply by snapping an image or by finding a preexisting PDF or picture on your own device – and it automatically pulls out there pertinent details for at-a-glance looking at and helps make the paper’s entire textual content searchable on demand.

Would rather browse than research rather? No issue: Stack sorts your articles into various “stacks,” or types, for easy upcoming discovery. It also makes automatic recommendations of tags for each paper you add. And everything in the app is usually synced to Search engines Drive, therefore you’ll know it certainly is easily available.

android organization apps stack JR Raphael/IDG

Stack organizes your physical paperwork into a selection of “stacks,” or groups, and helps make all of their textual content easily searchable also.

Stack isn’t the very best tool for business-oriented expenditure processing, specifically, nonetheless it will be a magnificent new option for even more general storing and arranging of bodily papers in an electronic world.

Organize content articles you need to read




When compared to a day has available time the web tends to have significantly more alluring content. Even though Notion certainly isn’t decreasing tool to handle that discrepancy, the multipurpose info-organizing app is completely the simplest way to keep hold of worthwhile articles and find and study ’em later.

Notion does the large amount of different items , and it could be a small overwhelming to wrap your mind around initially. For the reasons of article-saving, though, that it is quite simple: You merely share any content you want from your own phone’s internet browser into Notion, and like that just, it’ll be imported in to the service. (You may also do exactly the same with the service’s desktop web browser extensions on your pc.)

The true beauty, though, is in what goes on next: Notion automatically optimizes every article you add, with ads along with other extraneous elements getting stripped out, and stores them all inside a page (that is similar to a folder or perhaps a category) of one’s choosing. It is possible to read entire articles immediately then, without having to depend on any exterior browsers or websites. In fact, you’ll find yourself reading your personal local duplicate of this article rather than the original web-based version.

And that’s why is Notion especially interesting, because the local duplicate arrangement empowers one to highlight and still increase or edit any posts you’ve saved. Imported once, the info is a group of text and pictures essentially, so that you can manipulate it in very much in any manner you want pretty. It is possible to tag articles, as well, and even pick from several advanced sights – including a Trello-like Kanban plank – if you wish to move all out together with your organization.

android organization apps notion JR Raphael/IDG
Notion is filled up with useful options for keeping and organizing content from the net, including this handy Trello-like Kanban view.


Notion will be free because of its basic features, such as everything you will need for these article-conserving purposes. The service also offers a $48-a-year Private Pro program and an $96 per user each year Team arrange for additional broader-use benefits . Related movie:


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