The Kickoff: 2021 Production Trends Podcast Series

The impact of 2020

a year most of us were more than pleased to finally put behind us 2020 has been. Between COVID-19 and the next lockdowns, manufacturing was among the hardest hit industrial sectors, with over $1 trillion lost (Source: IDC’s Worldwide ICT Investing Guide: Industry and Business Size, 2020).

Worker safety, product combine and offer chain breakdowns were a few of the biggest locations impacting manufacturers attempting to stay open up and satisfy their clients during the pandemic. And since reacting and giving an answer to these immediate needs, producers have incurred unforeseen expenses, learned how exactly to shift the merchandise mix, and also have reflected on the gaps to attaining higher examples of agility.

Looking ahead

As we get into 2021 forward, manufacturers are usually re-imagining their business processes now, team management and technologies must help them rebound right into a constant state of “Extreme Agility”; hence preparing them for upcoming unforeseen challenges to allow them to remain in company, capitalize on new possibilities and continue to fulfill the supply needs of these existing customers.

Some key trends which will enable manufacturers to do this high amount of agility are:

  • Greater levels of information from the complete value chain
  • Increased usage of automation to offset and compliment individual resources
  • The dependence on secure and pervasive collaboration
  • Increased cyber security to safeguard against hackers during vulnerable/distracting situations
  • Greater levels of safety in the place of work

2021 developments podcast series

During our group of 2021 Trends within Manufacturing, we shall explore exactly what’s had a need to achieve “Intense Agility,” and also the technology that Cisco among others provide that deliver the business enterprise needs needed for the “new normal.”

In this first show, we outline the trends we’be concentrating on in this collection ll, including:

  • Sustainability
  • Data Collection and Advantage Compute
  • Automation
  • Security

Take a pay attention to the kickoff event, available now!


Look for the next episode, 2021 Production Trends Series – Component 1: Sustainability, just around the corner!

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