The Hunt for probably the most Dangerous Cyber Criminals

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Security Stories podcast

Event 8 of the Security Tales podcast is really a little not the same as usual, but for justification! By using some very special visitors, we have a comprehensive consider the incredible Not really Petya cyber attack back again. Like the Sandworm hackers, and the context behind this work of cyber warfare.

To become listed on us is Noureen Njoroge very first, a senior cybersecurity engineer and threat intelligence analyst at Cisco. Noureen is really a enthusiastic advocate for minorities and ladies in the IT industry, and may be the founder of Cisco’s global mentoring plan, and also the president of NEW YORK Ladies in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Affiliate marketer chapter. We find out about Noureen’s interest for mentoring, along with her insights in to the threat landscape.

We&rsquo then;re joined by Andy Greenberg, senior cybersecurity investigative journalist for Wired Magazine, and writer of the written guide “Sandworm: A New Period of Cyberwar and the Search for the Kremlin’s Most Dangerous Hackers”.

The book tells the real story of the desperate hunt to recognize and track at the very top team of Russian agents that are bent on electronic sabotage. It begins as a detective tale nonetheless it turns into a tragedy story soon.

The excerpts and book as a result published in WIRED won a Gerald Loeb Award for International Reporting, a Sigma Delta Chi Award from the Modern society of Expert Journalists, two Deadline Golf club Awards from the brand new York Society of Expert Journalists, and the Cornelius Ryan Citation for Excellence from the Overseas Push Club

Andy discusses his time spent within Russia and Ukraine furthermore, gathering sources, and studying this new  kind of cyber criminal. And he’s got a fascinating undertake how the hacker lifestyle has evolved.

Lastly, we’re joined by senior risk analysts from the Cisco Talos group (and legendary podcast Beers with Talos), including Craig Williams, Matt Olny and Mitch Neff.

Within an extended edition of our ‘With this Day’s function, we talk with the team in what happened on your day of the strike (June 27th 2017), the procedure the investigative group used to discover what really was happening, and what influence the attack has still left.

It is a fascinating episode with some incredible guests really, who each share their insights, advice and encounter for the advantage of the wider cybersecurity local community.

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