The entire case of the lacking laptop RAM

Among the best tech assistance programs in the market for a long time provides been the ProSupport system from Dell, which routinely answers within 10 offers and seconds outstanding techs who actually make an effort to help. They will have married that hard work with a next-time onsite restoration offering (shipped by Unisys), which is impressive also.

But no plan is perfect. The nagging issue with these combined providers is that when items get screwed up, it’s next-to-impossible to recognize where in fact the fault lies. That disclaimer completely disclaimed and that caveat all caveated now, let me share the complete story of my newest tech support nightmare around a Dell laptop.

It began with the laptop’s inability to take care of Skype and Zoom phone calls, with both microphone and the sound system failing. (That’s specifically problematic in this pandemic-forced, remote-work planet.) After toying around with it for a couple hours-including plenty of restarts and switched wires and different headsets-I attained out to Dell Professional and quickly linked.

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