The very best calendar apps for Android

Quick: What app can you use to control your calendar on your own phone?

If you’re anything like the majority of people I hear from, the answer’s probably something such as: “Uh…whatever calendar app came on the telephone when it had been got by me?”

It is a surprisingly common place, but do you know what? On Android specifically, there’s a decent possibility your phone’s default calendar app isn’t your best option. Also it doesn’t take very much work to provide yourself an upgrade. Actually, you don’t need to look any more than this very web page.

After significantly experimentation and exploration, I’ve identified the very best Google android calendar apps designed for different varieties of professional schedule management. Some are usually meant to become replacements for the less-than-stellar services which come preinstalled on particular phones, while some are supplements which have the potential to include worthwhile features into any Google android calendar setup.

We’ll begin with the easiest and work our method up to some significantly advanced and feature-laden choices.

The best all-around Android calendar app for some users

Google Calendar

Unless you have any special requirements or specifications — and particularly if you’re currently using Search engines Calendar on the desktop computer — Google’s own indigenous Calendar application is really a spectacular solution to manage your agenda on Google android.

And lest you imagine it’s too apparent to warrant inclusion inside this checklist, remember: The Search engines Calendar app doesn’t actually are available preinstalled on all Android gadgets, including the massive amount of mobile phones sold by Samsung. If you are utilizing a Galaxy phone specifically, switching to the Search engines Calendar app will stand for a significant revolution in both overall expertise and protection of one’s data (ahem).

01 android calendar apps google calendarJR Raphael/IDG
The state Google Calendar app for Android is clean, simple, and simple to use — and contains all of the basics most business customers require.

The Calendar app was created and simple to use nicely, with a straightforward and clean scrollable agenda view alongside serviceable monthly, weekly, everyday, and three-time viewing options. It carefully matches the Calendar encounter on the web and provides you thought-free of charge syncing of one’s Google Calendar agenda. Also it goes without saying possibly, but the Search engines Calendar app will be free of charge for individuals and included in the enterprise-degree G Suite package.

The best Android calendar app in case a Microsoft is had by you account in the mix

Microsoft Outlook

If you lean on Microsoft for the agenda organization — or on a variety of Microsoft and Search engines rely, thanks to the current presence of both private and function accounts on your own device — the simplest way to maintain up together with your calendar on Android has been Microsoft’s official Outlook application.

You sign in to the app making use of your Microsoft account once, you’ll see all your Outlook-associated appointments best together with events from Google Calendar — for just about any accounts you possess connected to your telephone. That effortless construction is a sharp comparison to the many hoops you need to jump to get Outlook occasions showing up within Google’s app.
02 android calendar apps microsoft outlookJR Raphael/IDG
Microsoft’s Outlook app for Google android comes with an integrated calendar functionality that effortlessly brings various data sources together.

And cross-account compatibility apart, the calendar part of Microsoft’s Android Outlook app can be simply intuitively designed and pleasant to utilize. It’s a commendable device for monitoring appointments on the run, whatever account or group of accounts you’re using.

The best Android calendar app if you would like extra customization

and features

Business Calendar 2

For professional users looking for an Android calendar experience with some additional oomph, Business Calendar 2 represents a noteworthy upgrade on the position quo. The thoughtfully created app offers all of the essentials you’d expect alongside handy additional features, such as for example an always-present favorites bar that enables you to hide or show various calendars with an individual tap easily, week slider to rapidly zoom into any time range you will need a, and a custom made template system for quicker event creation.
03 android calendar apps business calendarJR Raphael/IDG
Business Calendar 2 offers some useful functions in to the standard Android calendar set up genuinely.

Company Calendar 2 automatically syncs together with your phone’s system-degree calendar, this means it’ll effectively sync with Search engines Calendar and thus function seamlessly with Calendar on the internet. It’s absolve to use having an optional $7 Professional upgrade that removes advertisements and unlocks specific advanced features, like the aforementioned template program along with forecast integration and a number of customization options.

The best Android calendar app for getting together with your agenda on your own home screen

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Many Android calendar apps include widgets, but several are as simple and exceptional to utilize as the awkwardly called Calendar Widget by Home Agenda. Calendar Widget, as we’ll contact it from right here on out, will one thing just and does it properly: It offers you an app-like user interface for accessing and handling your agenda on your own home screen.

Yup, that is right: The complete app is a widget, plus a configuration tool to create it work the true way you want. So it’s much less of a substitute for the standard Google android calendar app and much more of a dietary supplement for whatever app you’re using.
04 android calendar apps calendar widgetJR Raphael/IDG
Calendar Widget saves your time by placing your agenda directly on your house screen in a straightforward and highly customizable way.

Calendar Widget is approximately as customizable since it gets. You could have its widget display as much or only a small amount detail as you need — with a visible arrangement, font dimension, and colour scheme that’s optimized for the reading style and common preferences.

The widget enables you to specify which types and calendars of events it shows, too, and even enables you to dictate the amount of days it offers and the total amount of events it shows at any moment — an nearly shockingly sensible choice that’s missing from nearly all Android calendar widgets.

The app costs $2.

The best Android calendar app for having quick access to your agenda from anywhere

Calendar Notify

Widgets on the house screen are usually handy certainly, but perhaps you reference your calendar often good enough that you want in order to get to this from anywhere on your own gadget. Enter Calendar Notify, an inspired Android calendar product that places a persistent view of one’s agenda directly into your phone’s regular notification panel.

That means regardless of what else you’re doing, all you’ve gotta carry out is swipe down as soon as from the very best of your display screen to obtain a quick look into your upcoming activities — without needing to exit your present app or in virtually any real way switch procedures.
05 android calendar apps calendar notifyJR Raphael/IDG
With Calendar Notify, your agenda is greater than a single swipe away never.

Calendar Notify is interactive fully, too, so that you can tap anybody event within the notification to see more details about this appointment and also hop into another app to edit this, if the need arises.

Calendar Notify is free of charge having an optional $3.50 upgrade for advanced customization and features options.

The best Android calendar app for managing meetings


This last Android calendar app isn’t technically an Android app — &mdash yet; but in its present browser-based form even, it’s so effective, useful, and highly relevant to the busy business life-style that it had been thought by me has been worth including. It’s known as Woven, and it’s among those rare services that basically, gets the potential to change how you work truly.

Woven is essentially a smart scheduling associate: You connect the program to all of one’s relevant calendars — function, personal, family, other things that you’ve obtained — and you gain the opportunity to simplify your scheduling in three substantial ways:

  1. When somebody asks you for a gathering — be it a colleague, litigant, or an old university pal — you may use Woven to produce a one-time scheduling hyperlink that’ll show see your face your available times and times, structured either on what’s currently in your different agendas or on a particular set of home windows you specify. Your recipient will get a link that presents all available recommendations and lets them decide on a right time, without needing to register or download an ordinary thing. They create a selection once, the function automatically gets included into your calendar and an invite immediately gets delivered to them.
  2. When you’re looking for the right time for several people to gather — for an in-person meeting or, much more likely at this current second, a video-based encounter — you could have Woven develop a combined group poll that delivers all of the dates and times that do the job. Everyone involved will get a hyperlink that prompts them to tag the options they are able to handle (again, without the sign-ins or downloads needed). Then, as soon as everyone’s responded, Woven supplies you with the best all-around choice and enables you to simultaneously add it on your calendar and deliver invites to everybody else with an individual tap.
  3. If you offer open up scheduling for anything from consultations to quick assist sessions, you may use Woven to produce a permanent, open public scheduling hyperlink that lets anyone click on directly into see available instances on your own calendar and then quickly select and secure a choice that functions for them.

06 android calendar apps calendar wovenJR Raphael/IDG
Woven helps it be simple so that you can set up a variety of scheduling (at still left) — and allows anyone to notice and select from your own available times without needing to register or download something (at right).

To use Woven from your own phone, for the present time, you’ll first have to create a merchant account on the company’s desktop website. Then, it is possible to simply open Woven.app from your own phone’s browser for upcoming sign-ins (and when you need to create an app-such as shortcut compared to that site on your own home screen, open the website in Chrome just, tap the three-dot menus icon inside the browser’s upper-right part, and select “Increase Home Display screen” from the menus that appears).

Of the year woven expects with an Android app available somewhere toward the center. For now, the continuing service is free, though its creators state that’s more likely to change after the current beta time period ends sooner or later in the future.

Until then — and even after maybe, depending on what type of pricing design is usually unveiled — Woven is really a tool really worth embracing and something that’ll put in a hefty dollop of strength into your Google android calendar arsenal.