The Benefits of Attending Real Promote 2023

Why should you enroll in Pure Accelerate 2023 from June 14 to June 16? The world-famous Las Vegas, Nevada, will host this year’s Pure Storage consumer conference in addition to the obvious chance to top-five your favourite Veeamers! If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas, you are aware of how amazing the food and entertainment scene is. IMO, Vegas may make the ideal setting for Pure Accelerate, one of the most cutting-edge, ground-breaking, and thoroughly enjoyable technology meetings I’ve ever attended. You may notice from Pure Accelerate this month’s guest speaker, Shaquille O’Neal, as well as from market thought leaders and Pure Storage professionals. You’ll learn from actual Pure Storage clients who have improved their datacenters and increased the value of their information with practical answers. You’ll gain a ton of knowledge, match wonderful individuals, and, of course, enjoy yourself immensely. Perhaps you want to get hands-on with the most recent features and capabilities of Pure Storage products in order to improve your existing abilities. This time, if you register for Accelerate, you’ll have access to the FREE documentation voucher offered when you sign up for an on-site product training session, certification prep, or introductory session. You will undoubtedly learn about the exciting new changes to Pure Storage’s product collection while you are on-site in Vegas. I personally find it very interesting to learn about Pure’s fresh use and technology models, ongoing innovation plans, and vision for the future all-flash data center. The necessary Veeam switch is now ready. Veeam was named the Global Leader in Data Replication & amp, Protection Software in a recent <a href=”https://www.veeam.com/blog/veeam-idc-tracker-community-success.html” data-wpel-link=”internal” target=”_blank” rel=”follow noopener”>IDC report with results for H2 2022. This is a significant accomplishment for Veeam that was prompted by the acceptance of our information system and product line by our customers. To assist companies in managing their files effectively and efficiently is a common objective of Veeam and Pure Storage. While Pure Storage offers high-performance, flash-based backup solutions, Veeam offers data backup, recovery, and control options. You can be sure that you will always be able to recover from any danger, whether it be harmful, accidental, or environmental, because Veeam and Pure Storage both place a strong emphasis on information and backup security. Veeam and Pure Storage offer businesses a comprehensive answer for managing, safeguarding, and restoring their information by collaborating. Both Veeam and Pure Storage have Net Promoter Scores( NPSs ) in the 80s, which is among the top 1 % of the B2B market. This basically means that our clients are fervent supporters of our goods. As we continuously innovate our products with tighter connectivity, which has led to thousands of shared customers abroad, Pure Storage and Veeam both have a shared interest to maintain their position as market leaders. The Veeam Data Platform v12 launch earlier this year included some interesting new features connected to Pure Storage’s product profile in the heart of co-innovation. A recent blog post by my coworker Mark Polin, a Veeam solutions designer, explores the V12 launch and how it improves both the current and future customers’ experiences with the Pure + Veyam solution. Join RC Willey, Mark, and Chris Sprague from Pure Storage may be on-site at Pure Accelerate on June 14 at 3 p.m. to explore new functionalities from Veeam’s V12 release as well as customer use cases for V12. API Plug-in v2 and Object Lock. Mark may also be a part of an extraordinary session with Pure + Veeram customer, CR Willley. Veeam will been emphasizing the most recent release of VeEam V12 and the new features offered to Pure clients throughout Pure Accelerate. Ask our team about our Advanced Storage Snapshot Orchestration using the FlashBlade S3 and End-to-End Immutability, as well as the Universal Storage API( USAPI ) Plugin version 2. On June 14 and 15, you can find us at our hall during show hours( 10:30 a. m. to 5 p.m ). You might even have the chance to get a pair of personalized Veeam + Pure Nike AirForce 1s! Here you can stay up to date on the most recent information regarding Veeam’s appearance at Pure Accelerate. Natural Store Promote 2023 will be sponsored by us, and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!