Teramind vs. Workpuls | 2021 Feature Comparison

Both of these companies have completely different approaches with regards to their products. Teramind was created with a comprehensive group of features: granular action monitoring, time tracking, efficiency analysis, insider threat recognition, user behavior analytics, information loss prevention – you title it, it really is had by them. Whereas, Workpuls went for a far more minimalist method. Its product generally does a couple of things: employee efficiency and time tracking, nonetheless it does them properly. In that exact same logic, Worpuls is not actually a ‘true’ employee checking solution but rather a period tracking product much like Desktime, Period Clockify or Physician with some added oomph.

Both companies have already been promoting an aggressive pricing strategy though Teramind may be the more powerful and for that reason more expensive solution.

The table below compares Teramind with Workpuls side-by-side with regards to key features and capabilities to enable you to decide which solution is right for you personally.

Teramind vs. Workpuls Features Comparison

Monitoring Capability

Detection Capability

Privacy Protection

Action Blocking & Manage

Alerts & Reviews





Superior Support

Monitoring Agent


Web AccessCustomization choices

Reviews & Rankings


Beginning Price$10 user/month$4.80 user/monthFreemium editionFree demo

Workpuls is right for you personally if…

all you want would be to calculate the ‘pulse’ of one’s workforce, that’s, to track employee period and productivity with minimal fuss. Today’s and slick interface will be Workpuls’ signature of simpleness. The program is very an easy task to install and make use of; there is absolutely no complicated settings to understand or advanced teaching to complete. After incorporating a ongoing function or personal computer, you can begin seeing the info in widgets and reviews. You may also import projects from other tools and track time and cost allocated to each task automatically.

Workpuls targets time tracking and worker engagement primarily. As such, its supervising capabilities are limited by apps and sites only. Workpuls is quite conscious about worker privacy and compliance furthermore. Supervisors can easily choose which apps and internet sites they do not desire to monitor or disable documenting of screenshots for a consumer. A revealed broker enables workers to start out, pause or cease their job timer. You can also gamify worker engagement by allowing groups to see their very own analytics on a Kanban design board.

Teramind is right for you personally if…

a solution is necessary by you for all you employee monitoring needs within a item without sacrificing ergonomics. Teramind can pack a complete large amount of features within an intuitive interface that may hide away advanced choices. But if you’d like that extra control actually, it is possible to drill down granular degree. There exists a good reason for several these options. Along with employee period and monitoring tracking, Teramind includes productivity analytics, consumer and entity habits analytics (UEBA), risk evaluation, rules and plan engine and a great deal of other features.

Frankly, it could a fallacy to evaluate Teramind with Worpuls on the capability’s basis purely. Teramind is really a full-fledged employee overseeing suite that furthermore happens ahead with efficiency optimization and time monitoring tools built-in. This is a unique product and any products out there can complement its comprehensiveness barely. No wonder then, it’s been reviewed extremely favorably by both its clients and market analysts while accumulating best awards and accolades by well-known journals.

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