Teramind vs. Veriato | 2021 Feature Comparison

An apples to apples evaluation in between Teramind and Veriato will be difficult since they follow slightly various approaches with regards to bundling product functions and offerings. We’ve selected both most similar worker monitoring packages between your two answers to compare.

Teramind’s bundle, called Teramind UAM packs all of the features you’ll expect from the modern employee overseeing solution like monitoring, documenting, activity and detection control. Veriato’s employee checking solution, Veriato Vision includes the most essential functions as well.

The table below compares Teramind UAM with Veriato Vision side-by-side with regards to crucial features and capabilities to enable you to decide which solution will be right for you.

Teramind UAM versus. Veriato Vision Features Evaluation

Monitoring Capability

Detection Capability

Privacy Protection

Action Blocking & Manage

Alerts & Reviews





Superior Support

Monitoring Agent


Web AccessCustomization choices

Reviews & Rankings


Beginning Price$10 user/month$12.50 user/monthFreemium editionFree demo

Veriato Vision is correct for you if…

you should monitor workers and their efficiency on PCs, Macs, and Android devices. It provides a straightforward cloud-implementation with remote administration capability so you don’t need to physically accessibility the employees’ computer systems. It comes with an on-premise deployment choice too, however, Veriato actively will not promote it.

Veriato Vision can monitor as much objects as Teramind UAM almost. For instance, website, apps, file actions, instant messenger chats, key pad activities, printing etc. It includes powerful productivity reviews and real-time alerts functions also. However, most of the Veriato platform’s special features such as for example AI-centered behavioral analytics, anomaly alerts, and danger scoring aren’t on Veriato Vision. You shall have to upgrade to its Cerebral treatment for get them. Additionally, some essential functions such as for example OCR, dedicated system tracking etc. are lacking. The experience blocking features are somewhat limited in comparison to Teramind UAM’s also.

Teramind UAM is correct for you if…

you  require a more able and less costly product. Along with user action monitoring, Teramind includes insider threats detection, habits data and analytics reduction prevention features. However, Teramind is suitable for those who have employees mainly on Home windows PCs and servers and program hosts (electronic.g. Citrix). It cannot keep track of mobile capability-wise and gadget its Mac agent isn’t on par using its Windows agent.

What Teramind UAM lacks on system support it replace with its rich group of features. Automated information classification and discovery, OCR, a robust visual rules and plan engine, live movie and RDP (remote desktop computer manage) – all contributed to Teramind’s rave testimonials and set up it as a formidable worker monitoring and threat avoidance solution service provider in the industry. Lately the ongoing organization has launched various features such as for example time tracking, a cellular app and powerful company intelligence dashboard to create it an easy task to monitor and manage remote control teams effectively.

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