Teramind vs. InterGuard | 2021 Feature Comparison

Teramind and InterGuard, both are thought to be powerful employee monitoring systems for the present day workforce highly. Both of these have strong action monitoring, productivity evaluation and reporting features. Specifically, after the latest refresh of its UI, InterGuard has had the opportunity to up its online game in ease of use – a large factor for this sort of software. However, Teramind is known because of its intuitive, award-winning interface.

Prices is another competitive advantage in this market. For the reason that regard, Teramind includes a basic 3-tier providing while InterGuard’s difficult pricing structure will make things a little confusing for most customers.

The table below compares Teramind with InterGuard side-by-side with regards to key features and capabilities to enable you to decide which solution is right for you personally.

Teramind vs. InterGuard Features Comparison

Monitoring Capability

Detection Capability

Privacy Protection

Action Blocking & Manage

Alerts & Reviews





Superior Support

Monitoring Agent


Web AccessCustomization choices

Reviews & Rankings


Beginning Price$10 user/month$9.99 user/monthFreemium editionFree demo

InterGuard is right for you personally if…

you know what functions you need and so are ready to pay separately for every of them. For instance, mobile device checking, VDI/terminal server supervising, Active Directory support, information loss prevention (DLP) assistance etc. While this add-on based pricing could be inexpensive to customers who know very well what they want, it might become price prohibitive to businesses looking for additional modules straight down the relative line.

Pricing aside, InterGuard includes a very capable worker monitoring solution offering many or even all features accessible from marketplace leaders like Teramind plus Veriato. It could monitor all of the day-to-day user routines such as for example file sharing, emails, publishing, keystrokes etc. It includes a screen capture function though unlike Teramind furthermore, the session player doesn’t have any remote control, reside playback, insight freeze capabilities. InterGuard as well has impressive reporting abilities. Functionality wise it really is much like Teramind’s BI Reporting equipment. For example, both enables you to create custom reviews with fall and drag widgets, intuitive visualization equipment and different data export options.

Teramind is right for you personally if…

a solution is necessary by you for all you employee monitoring needs within a product. Along with user exercise monitoring, Teramind includes insider threat detection, habits data and analytics reduction prevention features. The solution could be deployed on Cloud, On-Premise and Personal Cloud (electronic.g. AWS, Azure etc.). The pricing is comparable to InterGuard’s core membership plans. However, you shall have more for your dollar.

Teramind can monitor practically all user action including several data factors not usually obtainable in other, more costly products (e.g. sound recording). A few of its other advanced functions include: automated information discovery and classification, OCR, visual policy and guidelines engine, live movie and RDP (remote desktop computer control). A variety of these functions and great customer care – offers contributed to Teramind’s rave testimonials and set up it as a formidable participant in the industry. Lately the ongoing organization has launched some brand new features such as for example time tracking, mobile apps and effective business cleverness dashboard to create it an easy task to monitor remote teams successfully.

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