TCS Cognix Modern Enterprise Platform –Cloud-Native Resiliency Using Kasten by Veeam


Infrastructure modernization and application modernization are two essential levers in the Digital Transformation journey for many enterprise organizations. Organizations are moving towards a cloud-native approach from application build to delivery to meet dynamic scalability, business agility and resiliency. Kubernetes stays the de facto standard for container orchestration and as modern application platform. At the other end, infrastructure modernization demands moving away from legacy complex ecosystems to more simplified, scalable systems that empower IT (information technology) ops with low maintenance.

According to the Data on Kubernetes 2022 Report, major Kubernetes consumers (83%) attribute over 10% of their revenue to running data on Kubernetes. This illustrates the benefits of running stateful workloads on Kubernetes go beyond engineering to benefit the whole business.

Cloud-Native Resiliency Challenges Faced by Organizations

While it has become compelling for businesses to accelerate their Digital Transformation efforts, the following are the key challenges organizations who are running Kubernetes based container platforms face.

  • Lack of containerized, application-aware backup and recovery solutions.
  • Operationalizing complexity in enterprise container resiliency protocols in production.
  • Data security risks and ransomware attacks.
  • Skill gap challenges.

Solution: TCS Cognix Modern Enterprise Platform

TCS Cognix Modern Enterprise Platform is a holistic solution for organizations to overcome challenges in infrastructure and app modernization, as well as overcome resiliency and security complexities and accelerate Digital Transformation journeys. This solution is comprised of Kasten by Veeam® for cloud-native data protection and resiliency deployed on a consistent Kubernetes platform like Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, SUSE Rancher, etc., hosted on HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) that provides unified infrastructure including compute, network, and storage.This platform is powered by the TCS Cognix Suite, a machine-first delivery model that accelerates Digital Transformation with pre-built digital solutions, assessment frameworks, platform agnostic architectures and re-usable automation toolkits that are focused on industry specific needs. Additionally, a wide set of re-useable accelerators and assets like Cognix container platform sizing estimator, policy driven application resiliency automation, container golden image factory, centralized observability, enterprise Container as a Service (CaaS) solution, automated storage provisioner, etc. help to assess, build, integrate, operate, and optimize the platform. Customers can deliver modern cloud-native applications to consumers faster while ensuring security compliance and governance. The platform is scalable across hybrid cloud and edge locations as well. For example, a leading US-based energy producing company is transforming their IT service management platform with a similar solution.

Solution Highlights

The TCS Cognix Modern Enterprise Platform comprises:

  1. Fully integrated platform:
    The platform encompasses essential cloud-native components:

    1. Highly available infrastructure like Nutanix HCI, IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI, etc., with software-defined compute, storage, and network.
    2. Consistent Kubernetes platform from Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, SUSE Rancher among others for consistent developer and operational experience, for container workloads from cloud to data center to edge.
    3. Container data platform for stateful workloads and data resiliency services with local and cloud backup and recovery.
  2. Quick setup:
    A platform provisioned in hours and productive in days.
  3. Automated ops:
    Programmatic operations using operator framework to deploy and manage modern workloads. Scale to zero freeing unused infrastructure footprint.
  4. Security and resiliency:
    Policy-based, application consistent backup to off-site storage to ensure easy recovery of workloads to any Kubernetes cluster. Integration with immutable storage to protect critical data from accidental deletion or malicious acts, including ransomware. Secure, self-service for users to manage backup data for use cases including cloning, test, and development.
  5. Simplified management:
    Simplified management to enforce and manage data protection, Kubernetes platform and container workloads.
  6. Single platform for broad workload placements:
    Apply transitional modernization to co-locate VMs (virtual machines) along with containers using OpenShift virtualization for latency critical workloads, AI (artificial intelligence) workloads.

Use Cases

  1. Application protection for cloud-native workloads.
  2. Policy automation for backups.
  3. Application mobility across hybrid and multi-cloud.
  4. Ransomware protection for container workloads.


The TCS Cognix Modern Enterprise Platform is a robust platform, secure by design, helping enterprise customers to accelerate their modern software delivery, increase productivity and faster delivery to market.

To summarize, the TCS Cognix suite powered by Machine First Delivery Model (MFDM) for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud container platform along with Kasten by Veeam for Modern Data Protection and resiliency make it a turn-key solution for enterprises to embrace the Digital Transformation journey with security, governance, and value to consumers.

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