Stuck on Windows 10 1909? Some workarounds on forward moving

If you’re working Windows 10 1909 even now, you’re probably finding a notification that your Operating system is about to attain the ultimate end of its existence. Many are baffled by the message as the Windows 10 system isn’t losing support; instead, the feature launch for Windows 10 Professional will be probably closing in May.

Windows message out of date Microsoft

Windows 10 outdated?


Very first, check the Windows 10 feature release edition you have. Select Start, Settings, System, scroll to underneath down, and choose About. In the event that you scroll to the Home windows specifications section down, you can view what version of Home windows 10 you utilize. If it shows edition 1909, you have to investigate why your device have not received Windows 10 2004 or even 20H1 yet.

If you head to Start, Settings, Security and update, Windows Update – also it indicates your program is still not set for Windows 10 2004 – you may want to investigate why 2004 (or 20H2) isn’t being installed.

We know one reason 1909 can’t get 20H2: the infamous Conexant sound driver problem. Windows 10 computers suffering from this known issue include Conexant ISST Sound or Conexant HDAudio motorists (shown under “Sound, movie and video game controllers” in Device Supervisor). The blocking motorists have got numbered filenames from uci64a96.dll through uci64a231.dll and a document edition of or smaller.

For some systems, Conexant has offered up the updated driver and the operational system may install 20H2; for others, the brand new motorists haven’t been launched. For these systems, you should type “device supervisor” in the search container. Scroll right down to the Audio, game and movie controller section and go through the Conexant audio. Right-mouse click on and uninstall the sound driver now. Visit the Home windows 10 software download area and select Update now. 20H2 is installed once, it will discover the Conexant sound driver and complete the update again.

Win 10 2004 block Microsoft
     Windows 10 2004 blocked.

But imagine if you don’t possess a Conexant sound driver – how will you determine the issue? With Windows 10 2004, you may use Setupdiag . Download the tool and work it by double-clicking on the SetupDiag document. By reviewing the resulting log data files, you might be in a position to decipher the blocking condition. (In the event that you downloaded the setupdiag document to run, the log files will be in the download folder.)

Use Notepad to open up the log document: SetupDiagResults.log.

The process involves considering the following folders:





If you can find any blocking conditions, they could arrive in a sign in among the folders.

Some of the problems already we realize about are the following difficulties :

Lack of space: Be sure you have sufficient free hard disk drive space on the primary C: drive. One mistake code is :0xC190020E, MOSETUP_Electronic_INSTALLDISKSPACE_BLOCK which means the system devoid of free space to set up the feature release plenty of. (I usually recommend having at the very least 20GB free of charge on your own C: drive when attempting to use a feature release.) In case a computer is experienced by you with this type of small hard disk drive that the discharge won’t install, there are many workarounds.

First it is possible to download the Windows 10 feature launch to a folder on an outside flash drive and work set up.exe from that location. Alternatively, for those who have a device that having an small hard disk drive incredibly, download the ISO and extract it to an exterior hard disk drive. From this place, select setup.exe and release the feature upgrade.

I have a computer which has a small 32GB hard disk drive and I cannot work with a USB flash travel to load the function release; you won’t mount following the reboot again. But, enough interestingly, an external hard disk drive will install and successfully permit the computer to upgrade.

If you followed my previous assistance about utilizing the group plan or registry key environment to keep your personal computer at a particular feature release (such as for example 1909), is the time and energy to adjust your targetreleaseversion worth to 20H2 now. ( This placing is a method to keep one’s body on a particular feature release.)

As soon as you’ve upgraded to 20H2, We strongly suggest that you revisit this environment and change it out to be 20H2. It’ll keep your personal computer on that edition until you will be ready to go to another feature release owing out in April or Might. While the 21H1 discharge isn’t apt to be a significant or disruptive launch, I nevertheless advocate holding back again until your antivirus will be guaranteed to utilize another feature release.

Click on Start, type in “regedit then.exe” and start the registry editor.

    • Drill right down to the next key: HKEY_Neighborhood_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdate


    • Right-click on on Windows Revise and choose New, then go for Dword (32-bit) Worth.


    • Enter the string of TargetReleaseVersion.


    • Fixed its value to at least one 1.


    • Right-click on on Windows Up-date and choose New > String Worth.


    • Title it TargetReleaseVersionInfo.


    • Arranged its value to the required target version. For instance, you’ll desire to enter 20H2 to trigger recognition for, along with keep your device on, Windows 10 edition 20H2.



Alternatively, you may use the downloadable registry keys I’ve uploaded to the Askwoody.com site. Basically downloading and clicking on to set up the registry essential should permit you to quickly set the edition you need – including Home variations of Windows 10, not Windows 10 Pro just.

Windows 10 next version Microsoft
Windows update.

If the registry is defined by you important at 1909, when you are prepared to move to another feature release, it is simple to set the worthiness to 20H2 then. Then select “Check for improvements” in the Home windows update interface. You may be offered that function release immediately. I recommend by using this process to install function releases on the plan you need, not really when Microsoft wants one to install them.

Important thing: feature releases are much less disruptive than they was previously, when you pick if they will undoubtedly be installed especially.

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