Strategies for new tech devices

Tech gear is really a popular holiday present perennially. If you are the proud proprietor of a fresh phone, tablet, personal computer or other gadget – or you supply tech support for relatives and buddies with new products – we’re here to greatly help.

Check and talk about these stories out, which may help you get probably the most out there of a fresh Android or iOS gadget, Chromebook, Mac, or Home windows PC.

Android gadgets

The best Android apps for business in 2021

Our Google android expert highlights the standout apps in the classes that matter most to occupied professionals: office apps, security and privacy apps, texting and email apps, note-using apps, apps for group collaboration, apps for organizing your daily life, and much more.

20 advanced strategies for Android 10

Android 11 could be the chat of the city, but for almost all phones right now, Android 10 may be the most up to date software available still. And it’s really not too past due to help make the most of it.

7 smart adjustments to create Android 11 more efficient

Got a mobile phone that shipped with Android 11? A few of its best and useful new components require a teensy little bit of fine-tuning to become fully effective.

How to obtain Android 11’s best features on any phone today

New phone didn’t include Android 11? Bring Google android 11’s most useful touches onto any cell phone this minute with one of these crafty and quickly implemented workarounds.

10 hidden tricks to make probably the most of Android gestures

Bypass your phone quicker than ever with one of these easy-to-skip advanced shortcuts for Android’s current gesture program.

iPhone to Android: The best switching guide

Here’s all you need to effectively change from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy, Search engines Pixel or any Android device.

13 easy methods to scale back on data used in Android

Trimming back your Google android data use can help you save or your company a bundle on your own phone bill – sufficient reason for little downside. Just what exactly are you looking forward to?

Android file transfer: How exactly to move data in the middle of your phone and computer

Moving documents from your Google android device to a Home windows PC or Macintosh (and vice versa) does not have to be challenging – or influenced by any cloud services.

How to back up Android devices: The entire guide

Make sure all of your important data will be synced and protected with this particular easy-to-follow Google android backup guide always.

How to print and scan with Android

Handle paper documents such as a pro with this particular simple guide to Google android scanning and printing.

The ultimate guide to privacy on Android

Get back control and determine how information is used on your own Android phone exactly.

Android security checkup: 16 steps to a safer phone

Android security does not have to be a way to obtain stress. These level-headed ways are all you want to keep carefully the boogeyman at bay.

Android security: Analysis, advice, and next-level knowledge

Find more Android safety tips and techniques still, plus a healthy dosage of clear-eyed analysis, as of this comprehensive assortment of resources.

How to raised separate your projects and personal life on Android

With just a little creative configuring, it is possible to create totally separate function and personal profiles on any Android phone – and present the human brain some actual time off.

12 fast fixes for common Android problems

Solve annoying problems and obtain any phone inside tip-top shape with one of these easy-to-implement, expert-approved solutions.

8 methods to turn Android right into a productivity powerhouse

With a small number of easy adjustments just, your Android phone may become a lean, mean efficiency machine.

20 great uses for a vintage Android device

Of course you like getting new devices, but what related to the old ones? Listed below are 20 clever methods to put your old Google android tablet or telephone to good use.

For more Android know-how even, see 20 Android tips you mustn’t miss from 2020 and match everything Android at our Android Cleverness blog.

iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches

6 iPhone hacks to cause you to more productive

There are many methods to be more productive together with your iPhone. A fresh assortment of them here’s.

16+ iPhone ideas to get things done faster

A brief collection our Apple company blogger’s favorite iPhone ideas to get things completed a little quicker.

12+ essential iPad productivity tips

These iPad tips should assist you to efficiently get things completed more.

19+ brilliant Apple Watch tricks and tips

Are you getting all you can from your own Apple Watch?

10+ strategies for better iPhone battery life

There is nothing worse than running out of strength when you’re looking to get somewhere or have to get work done. Here’s how exactly to push away that situation.

How to utilize widgets on iPad and iPhone

Home display screen widgets on iPhones and iPads could possibly be beneficial to enterprise professionals.

How Apple Watch might help you obtain work done

Here’s a short assortment of Apple Watch equipment and how to make use of them to become more productive.

How to create more effective usage of Mail on iPhone and iPad

Many iPhone and iPad customers need to get more from Apple’s e-mail app. Here’s how.

How to create Spotlight work with you

Are you obtaining the most out there of Spotlight explore your Apple device?

How to remain as private as you possibly can on Apple’s iPad and iPhone

Use Apple’s equipment to safeguard your privacy on a good iOS device.

Essential iPad ideas to assist you to work from home

This extensive assortment of tips should assist you to become more productive when working with your iPad to obtain work done.

10+ Siri ideas to help you just work at home

If the science has been accompanied by you of pandemics, you’re working from home still. Just how can Apple’s Siri help you to get your work done?

6 productivity-enhancing apps for Apple’s iPhone

Enterprise iPhone users may increase their productivity making use of these iOS apps, including Slack, Trello, and OmniFocus.

How to repair iCloud when it stops working

When iCloud goes bad, follow this checklist of measures to attempt to make it better.

How to generate location-based reminders on an iPhone

Apple’s iPhones could make sure you’ll be sure you get things done if you are in the proper place at the proper time.

How to utilize your iPad Pro as a laptop replacement

Apple’s iPad Professional has evolved right into a powerful efficiency solution for enterprise customers. Learn what products and software you will need in purchase to use it rather than a notebook when on the highway.

Keep up with everything Apple at our Apple Holic blog.


Chromebook cheat sheet: Ways to get started

Got a fresh Chromebook? This guide can help you navigate the ever-expanding planet of Chromebook apps and work out how to take full advantage of Chrome OS.

6 useful Chrome OS features you almost certainly aren’t using

Teach your Chromebook some useful new tricks and established yourself up for far better work – and play.

How to generate your personal custom Chrome address bar actions

Google’s new Chrome Activities feature is very good – but follow these pointers to create address bar actions good.

22 worthwhile methods to use Google Assistant on a Chromebook

Google Assistant is functioning its way in to the fabric of Chrome Operating system finally, and it’s really bringing with it some fascinating new possibilities.

How Chrome OS Virtual Desks can transform how you work

Virtual desktops hold plenty of hidden value for anybody who’s seriously interested in productivity.

The 20-minute Chromebook tune-up

Make your Chromebook quicker, smarter, and much more pleasant to make use of with one of these easy-to-follow annual steps.

Linux apps on Chrome OS: An easy-to-follow guide

Linux apps may expand your Chromebook’s features and open up a variety of interesting choices – but first, you should know where to begin.

The best Linux apps for Chromebooks

Make your Chromebook a lot more capable with this particular carefully selected group of Linux applications for growing Chrome OS’s potential since a business tool.

8 fast fixes for common Chrome OS problems

Solve your own Chromebook woes and remain productive with one of these easy-to-implement, expert-approved solutions.

Crank up your Chromebook’s cloud-connecting power

With several simple tweaks, your Chromebook may become an more connected section of your cloud-centric setup still.

How to show any website right into a custom Chrome OS app

A handy hack for customizing your Chromebook and getting native app-like encounters to your preferred services and sites.

A time-saving typing tool that works any place in Chrome

Reclaim wasted time watching your performance soar with this particular spectacularly useful cross-system add-on.

2 USB-C adapters worth taking into consideration for the Chromebook

Got a Chromebook? Both of these USB-C adapters will almost can be found in handy certainly.

For even more about Chrome and Chromebooks OS, see our Chrome OS: Tips, tools, along with other Chromebook intelligence web page.


How to migrate to a fresh Mac

All your documents, apps, and configurations are on your own old computer. How exactly to move them to your brand-new Macintosh here’s, from either Windows or macOS.

The easiest way to transfer files to a fresh Mac

Utilizing a cloud storage program removes the trouble of transferring files in order to your brand-new computer via utilities or even external drives – looked after supports mobile devices.

30 keyboard shortcuts Mac users have to know

This assortment of keyboard shortcuts for macOS might help users take full advantage of their iMacs, MacBook Pro and MacBook laptops.

10 methods for getting more from the Mac

The Mac pc is festooned with features, a few of which tend to be more obvious than others. You need to be helped by this collection get things done on your own Mac slightly faster.

9 new what to try in Big Sur

These nine brand-new macOS Big Sur features ought to be of interest to people utilizing their Macs for work.

How to create Spotlight work with you

Are you obtaining the most out there of Spotlight explore your Apple device?

10+ WFH strategies for Mac users

This useful assortment of tips can help you automate tasks using scheduling and reminder features Apple contained in every Mac.

10 ways your Mac might help you become more productive

Here’s a couple of useful Mac ideas to help you get items done from wherever you’re.

How to utilize Voice Control in macOS

Here’s an introductory guideline to making use of your voice to regulate a Mac that’s working Catalina or later.

10+ essential Siri strategies for productive Macs

Do even more with Siri on your own Mac.

5 Dock tips most Mac users need

Most Mac users utilize the Dock at least a few of the time still, so here are some tips that will assist you get a lot more out of deploying it.

How to remain as private as you possibly can on the Mac

Privacy means vigilance, thus ensure that your Mac extra-vigilant in your stead. Here’s how.

How to utilize your Mac safely in public areas places

If you are using your Mac in public areas, it seems sensible to take safety measures against theft, reduction, and hacks.

Do Apple devices need anti-virus software?

The type of cyber attacks is changing, and traditional perimeter defenses aren’t as effectual as before. Your best choice is anti-virus coupled with other security tactics.

How to utilize AirDrop with iOS and macOS

Here’s how to start AirDrop and utilize it to move data files between an iPhone and a Macintosh.

6 extensions to improve productivity in Safari for Mac

This small assortment of Safari extensions can provide your quest or work efficiency a lift.

Keep up with everything Apple at our Apple Holic blog.

Home windows PCs

How to migrate to a fresh Windows PC

All your documents, apps, and configurations are on your own old computer. How exactly to move them to your brand-new Windows PC right here’s, from either macOS or Windows.

The easiest way to transfer files to a fresh Windows PC

Utilizing a cloud storage support removes the trouble of transferring files in order to your brand-new computer via utilities or even external drives – looked after supports mobile devices.

Windows 10 cheat sheet

Not used to Windows 10? Become familiar with the interface, shortcuts and features.

Top 35 free apps for Windows 10

From backup to efficiency tools, here’s the very best of the greatest for Windows 10. Good stuff can be found in free packages sometimes.

5 hidden Windows 10 features you ought to be using

They could not get much press, but these powerful built-in Windows 10 tools will help you work smarter.

How to safeguard your privacy in Windows 10

Worried about achievable privacy problems in Home windows 10? This whole story offers some fast and simple ways to protect your computer data.

Get probably the most out of Cortana

Microsoft’s digital associate Cortana could make your lifestyle easier and much more efficient – once you learn how to really benefit from it.

10 classic but essential (and free!) utilities for Windows 10

You will get more from Windows 10 with the addition of these useful tools.

14 methods to increase your Windows 10 PC

Want Home windows 10 to faster work? Take a short while to attempt out these tips, as well as your machine will undoubtedly be zippier and less susceptible to system and performance issues.

An introduction to Windows 10’s new PowerToys

Like their ‘90s namesakes, the various tools in Microsoft’s fresh PowerToys app are of help for power users very.

How to take care of Windows 10 updates

See how to defer, pause or completely stop Home windows 10 updates, how exactly to uninstall troublesome up-dates, and some other update tricks.

How to safeguard Windows 10 PCs from ransomware

Ransomware is jogging rampant these full times, but there are many ways Windows 10 admins and users can protect their PCs. What to do here’s.

Windows 10 recovery, revisited: The brand new way to perform clean install

Here’s how to perform clear install in newer variations of Windows 10 – plus some workarounds if it doesn’t work.

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