Storage space DRS


Along with vSphere 5. 0 VMware walking cane up with the “ Storage DRS” which was used to move VMDK document from one datastore to another with a Datastore Cluster. With this there are few a lot more feature and pre-requisites which are in-line in this article.
This is a new way providing virtual device placement and load balancing depending on I/O capacity and Storage space. DRS is a cluster for compute whilst SDRS is for Storage it proactivity makes recommendation to avoid imbalance within cluster from both space usage and latency perspective.
Feature or the Benefits of SDRS are usually:


  • ·                 Capacity planning.
  • ·                 Load balancing.
  • ·                 Datastore maintenance setting.
  • ·                 Affinity & Anti-affinity rules
  • ·                 Initial Placement


Requirement for SDRS:
  • ·                 Datastores which are shared across multiple datacentres are not allowed.
  • ·                 NFS and VMFS cannot be used in the same Datastore bunch.
  • ·                 Replicated and Non-replicated Datastore cannot be combined in Storage DRS.
  • ·                 All Host must be ESXi 5. 0 or later.


Storage DRS provides a new être to the administrator, that is knows datastore cluster which allows administrators to put together some datastores into a single cluster and make use of that as the unit for several administration operations.