Software Defined Networking from FOSDEM 2021

      FOSDEM           is really a truly unique expertise and arguably the very best open source meeting of the year. This is a weekend occasion organized by open supply enthusiasts to market the widespread usage of free and open up source software. Year each, during the semester split at           Université libre de Bruxelles          , a large number of developers from all around the global world gather to talk about concepts and collaborate on open up source software.

FOSDEM is unlike any conference I’ve attended ever. It really is free and available to everyone. Registration isn’t necessary, neither is it achievable. I had my very first FOSDEM encounter in 2016 and also have attended every calendar year since then. Every year, I strive not merely to engage with the city being an enthusiastic participant but additionally to assist with the business and content material of the function. After all, FOSDEM will be by the city for the grouped local community, and the even more you placed into the event, the even more you shall escape it.

Year presented new difficulties this. Due to COVID, happen to be Brussels and meeting personally, as is really a highlight of the FOSDEM knowledge typically, was needless to say not feasible. Thankfully, the FOSDEM neighborhood responded by rallying to construct an excellent platform for an on-line event using a wide selection of open source equipment and lots of hard work. It had been amazing to see how fast the web FOSDEM platform came collectively and how properly it worked. This alone had been a tribute to the open up source local community and validation of the incredible power of open resource software and the city that drives it.

Software Described Networking devroom


I really do not deserve credit score for the amazing system which FOSDEM was hosted, but I did so pitch in among the organizers of the Software Define Networking (SDN) devroom . The devroom has already established an excellent lineup of talks by superb speakers in past yrs, again this year also it lived around its reputation. Topics integrated Kubernetes, VPP, XDP, eBPF, Wireguard, and much more.


The abstract, presentation, and recording for every session can be acquired through the SDN devroom . You’re encouraged by me to browse all of them. However, I’d prefer to call interest to some of my personal favorites.

Calico/VPP : WHATEVER YOU Can Eat Networking, Bringing Kubernetes Goodness to your Hungriest Workloads


By: Aloys Augustin and Casey Davenport

You can find classes of workloads which are hungry with regards to networking notoriously. Think big information, storage, analytics, 5G, digital network functions, encrypt everything at 40Gbps range rates then. Kubernetes and the kubernetes system model have emerged as essential to assist manage these workloads in scale increasingly. However the price of containerization and container networking could be tough to swallow for workloads which are often used to presenting dedicated NICs and actual physical hardware. The novel method taken by the group was to prepare up a feast that is clearly a fusion of two worlds: combining Calico, the favorite cloud native Kubernetes system plugin, with VPP, an ultra and scalable consumer space packet processing software program fast. This chat lifts the lid on which has been cooking food and the main element ingredients that managed to get possible to provide an whatever you can consume buffet for the hungriest workloads.

      More information and the entire recording           can be found.



Quick Wireguard Mesh: VPP + wgsd + wg = ❤ , Interconnect your services with flavor


By Benoit Ganne

This talks shows how exactly to leverage VPP , wgsd and WireGuard to create a powerful, fast and secure overlay network to interconnect service nodes wherever they’re: on-prem, in public areas clouds or NATs behind. VPP is among the fastest & most versatile open-supply networking dataplanes working on common purpose CPUs, implementing system services such as for example routing, bridging, ACLs, cryptography and much more. wgsd can be an open source task taken care of by Jordan Whited that implements DNS Services Discovery for Wireguard endpoints and immediately interconnects them by way of a mesh of Wireguard tunnels. WireGuard is really a new VPN technologies developed by Jason A. Donenfeld that’s gaining popularity because of its simplicity.

      More information and the entire recording           can be found.



Optimizing Exterior Kubernetes Visitors with Cloud Native SD-WAN, the Bridge Between DevOps and NetOps Worlds


By Lori Jakab

Kubernetes is now the platform of preference for increasingly more application programmers. As applications are more complex and much more distributed, they could span several Kubernetes clusters, or a mix of Kubernetes and on-premise workloads. While internal visitors within the CNI handles a Kubernetes cluster plugin, the external visitors between these workloads, or from workloads to get rid of users, is frequently carried over a Software program Defined Wide Area System (SD-WAN), which is useful for visitors optimization. The Cloud Indigenous SD-WAN (CN-WAN) open source task was created to greatly help SD-WAN deployments recognize Kubernetes apps and optimize traffic predicated on application requirements, therefore bridging jointly DevOps from the Kubernetes cloud native planet with NetOps from the SD-WAN world.

CN-WAN enables developers to annotate their applications and specifying the kind of network visitors generated by the Kubernetes workload. These details is published right into a service registry then. The NetOps configuring the SD-WAN may take these annotations and create network optimization plans with the clear understanding of the traffic kind they plan to optimize.

The components are described by this presentation of the perfect solution is, the interfaces between your components, and ways to adapt this treatment for different SD-WAN support and products registries.

      More information and the entire recording           can be found.


Enjoy, 12 months and see you following?


I am sure you’ll enjoy these and all of those other great articles in the SDN devroom . I also wish FOSDEM will go back to as an in-person event in 2022 and that you sign up for us next yr in the SDN devroom for even more great talks, lively dialogue, and of course… Belgian beer!

                Lori Jakab, Augustin aloys, and Benoit Ganne contributed to the blog. Many thanks!                    
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