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Businesses in this day and age are taking matters seriously when it comes to leading the pack, especially when it comes to leveraging on technology. 


Thus business owners are sometimes pushed to the brink of anxiety when their business or organisation processes take forever to conclude. This crucial state of mind is a wake-up call for you as a business owner to take charge.

For a business owner or entrepreneur, retaining the business for as long as possible is their ultimate goal. As long as their offerings match their audience’s needs, a company may be able to progress. But with business competitors, your business needs to fulfil your customer’s needs when they need them, on time, any time. You need to avoid disruptions, downtime and all other unnecessary breakdowns along the way. Or else, you will lose out to the competition.

It may sound like it takes so much to ensure business continuity. That is why technology is here to help you and your business. Getting the right IT services company in Singapore to support your environment will do the trick. As such, Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) service provider is one such company that can be your IT services arm. Ranked as one of the highest tech companies in Singapore, we provides an array of business-related IT services. To date, it is the best system integration service provider you could find in Singapore.

Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) aims to help businesses utilise the right technology that suits their business processes. Some company may require a complete end-to-end system integration and ensure smooth processes all the way.

Some company may want to take their business to the cloud, or protect valuable data from cybercrime or resolve technical complaints faster. Whatever your business requirements are, at Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI), we have the expertise and experience to assist you in leveraging on the power of technology.

Your next desire now is to unlock your true business potential. With the right technology, your business operations will run smoothly with zero downtime. Furthermore, you are taking the necessary steps to protect your business from threats of all kinds and unforeseen circumstances.

One-Stop Managed IT Services

When you partner with Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI), you are bound to get into a range of IT services. From a single solution service to multiple IT services solutions. Our range of IT services includes email/server hosting and management services, server monitoring, network monitoring, data security protection, managed firewall solution, back-up solution, disaster recovery, ransomware prevention, IT asset management, IT expansion plan and many more IT services.

You could also expect to have dedicated project managers and professional IT engineers assigned to you so that you receive personalised and consistent quality services.

When you partner with Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI), you are bound to get into a range of IT services. From a single solution service to multiple IT services solutions. Our range of IT services includes email/server hosting and management services, server monitoring, network monitoring, data security protection, managed firewall solution, back-up solution, disaster recovery, ransomware prevention, IT asset management, IT expansion plan and many more IT services.

You could also expect to have dedicated project managers and professional IT engineers assigned to you so that you receive personalised and consistent quality services.

Areas of IT Services We Specialize in:

From server consolidation to virtualization to integration, all these solutions are created to maximize the operational performance and flexibility of servers at any level and reduce the expense of conducting business drastically. To take pleasure from worry-free processing, consider our server options.

Providers like server virtualization will help you increase program up time and accessibility because they are segregated from one another; While server consolidation options however, can donate to greater computing-performance, lower strength and server cooling price and even give you the flexibleness to migrate workloads. This implies changes can be designed to one digital server without impacting the performance of others sharing the same equipment. Working as if they depend on separate hardware, hence decreasing downtime during upkeep period.

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Hybrid IT, one of the recent breakthroughs inside IT solution, is a technique in which an enterprise uses both in-house and cloud based services to complete their entire pool of IT resources. Among others, advanced technologies in IT solution make up one important part of the digital strategies. With our lives becoming increasingly connected to the internet, more and more people started to adopt digital strategies in their business.

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The growing risk of hackers and ever-growing number of cases of network breach has truly increased the need for network security solutions. Such data will be invaluable for the business and will be irreplaceable. Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI), as a reliable IT network administration in Singapore, our system security system perform a sophisticated site evaluation, analyse how also to what education your network is susceptible to viral threats and hackers and in line with the report results, we develop a comprehensive network safety program. If tampered, it could cause serious business implications and may even
bring about bankruptcy. Improperly secured systems can pose unimaginable safety dangers and threats for your business and customers.

Besides this, access to sensitive business data by hackers can be crippling for any company.

To lower the risk of confidential and sensitive data leaks, network management and security is imperative! Any act of data security breach that leads to confidential customer information leaking out, can also create a pervasive lack of client trust in the company, thus pushing them away from doing more business with that organization. From intrusion detection services to firewall installation, we ensure that your network resources are safe and secure.

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For a fresh company or business that isn’t sure how-to setup and maintain a fully functioning server room, Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) is here to assist.

A managed server room is very convenient and suitable for most companies and businesses – especially Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) – a company’s staff no longer needs to manually monitor the server rooms minute by minute any longer, saving valuable time and resources. We will handle the task of setting up the managed server room and continue to assist in managing the room either on-site or via remote access.

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Creating a next generation data centre isn’t just about building any more, but it is approximately getting savvy, automation, orchestration to attain the best results overall. The next generation data centre is a service that is utilized by businesses and organisations to store the computer systems and its own associate elements, which are for instance virtualization, applications and storage system.

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The advanced technology is like the magical wand of a witch. A witch does things with just a switch while technology enables us to do things with a simple touch, from our work to our home.

• Motion Sensor


• Smart Plug

• Smart Door Lock

• Lighting control

• Home Theatre 

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In other phrases, it could serve as your strategic business asset. It can help both manage in addition to support connections to equipment and simultaneously permits network growth.

Organized cabling solutions provide businesses efficient and hassle-free path for operational integration, expansion, upgrades and even maintenance. In today’s diverse and complex data centre environment, structured copper-cabling is the best way to drive significant value in your every day business operations and turn challenges into opportunities presented by emerging technologies like the Internet of Things and advancements in WI-FI and PoE.

Structured cabling gives you the power to run multiple and diverse systems with a single easy to manage network lowering the cost of doing business significantly.

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Over time, as your business information grows, it begins to press the scalability limits of one’s traditional data storage systems. They are limited when it comes to performance and capability posing serious storage-growth problems and data loss worries for businesses. Traditional storage space architectures are no more adequate to handle the increasing data storage demands.

To make sure your valuable business data and client information is collected, stored and saved securely, it is imperative to invest in storage solutions that can provide you with the protection you need to keep data safe from hackers and that are scalable with time, according to your growing storage needs. Our storage management manage your database storage, cloud database storage, Microsoft cloud storage and offer all kinds of storage solutions. Keeping this in consideration, proper network storage solutions has become the need of the current market trend.

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Firewall security assists protect and defend your organization network against unauthorised connections and safety threats, lowering the chance of damaging cyber episodes while enabling you to take optimum advantage of work at home opportunities online. At Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI), we specialise in firewall security, assisting you block all sorts of incoming threats. Our firewall solutions are created to protect your applications and network against possible security threats like internet borne episodes, hackers, viral infections, spyware and spam. At Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI), we offer you with the very best and correct firewall security solutions predicated on your organization security needs, to enable you to operate online and on the cloud without the danger.

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Additional benefits include email backup and archiving, anti-spam virus protection and business email continuity. From facilitating team collaboration to getting the work done on time through continuous follow-up, email communication plays a key role which can’t be overlooked.

When it comes to email security, Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) is a name you can trust. As a critical aspect of workflow within organizations, email security has become extremely important, largely because of the vulnerabilities it is exposed to, such as spam, viruses, cyber-thefts and worms. We provide you with top of the line and enhanced security solutions to be able to deliver and carry out confidential company communications with zero danger. To facilitate email conversation in a secure atmosphere using cloud technology, you can expect from Microsoft Office 365, a must-have device for businesses nowadays. It can help you lower capital expense while enjoying improved protection.

Office 365 encrypt information, enables you to receive and send emails in encrypted file format without the complex software to get or even configure. With this particular tool deployed in one’s body, you can deliver encrypted mails to your associates easily and communicate without any security risk. Email messaging is a vital device for both internal and exterior organization communication tools.

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Ransomware is designed to block system data files and demand transaction to supply the victim with the main element that may decrypt the blocked articles. It is the many widespread and is thought that this may be the most notable and worrisome cyber risk of the moment.

Ransomware can get into a computer system in many ways:

      Infected email attachments

  Infected removable storage media like portable thumbnail drives

      Downloaded software

   Links in email, social media websites, or instant messages 

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Does your company have enough adequate security service protection? If you don’t, you probably should. Security services are something every company should invest it, because it provides your business with a layer of security which ensures that adequate security of the systems or data transfers are in place.

If your business hasn’t got a proper security service system in place, you can turn to managed security service providers – better known as MSSP – to do it for you. MSSP’s will outsource the monitoring and management of your security devices and systems. The services which are commonly managed by these providers include the following:

      Intrusion detection

      Virtual private network


      Anti-viral services

      Vulnerability scanning

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Living in an age group where Cyber Security breaches plus Cyber Crimes run rampant, companies do not have the blissful luxury of considering it won’t eventually happen. Cyber Security has become a huge part of the business world, and every organization around the world is at risk if they are not properly prepared for it. You can never be too careful these days. 

Knowing Your Risks

Yes, Cyber Crimes are aplenty, but that doesn’t mean the outlook is all doom and gloom for businesses. In fact, with the proper risk management strategies and fundamentals in place, you can ensure your organization is protected, and this starts by knowing what you’re dealing with.

We need technology, there is no escaping that. Businesses rely on technology to continuously improve and refine their products for maximum sales return and profit. But this constant emerging technology brings with it the opportunity for cyber criminals to take advantage of any weakness an organization may have.

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At Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI), we have a team of qualified and professional IT audit specialists who work with you closely to identify and determine business risks, IT inefficiencies, security threats and challenges your company is up-against through vulnerability assessment, network security evaluation and technical risk identification.

Based on the evaluation and audit report findings our team proposes and also helps you implement the best information technology solutions to boost your current performance, capacity and security of your system for success. We help you establish and maintain a reliable and high performance network and keep your IT landscape secure and processes streamlined. 

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A security audit is actually the final and important step in the implementation of your security defences. First of all, you need to undertake a risk analysis to discover your assets and your risks before you develop a security policy to define what you are going to defend and how you are going to defend it.

The policy enforcement involves quite a lot of methods which includes security products. Lastly, you undertake a security audit to check the efficiency of those methods. In other words, a security audit is the process of testing and ensuring that a company’s assets are fully protected.

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Cyber Strategy Services

Cybersecurity threats are inevitable and unpredictable. Enterprises must have a cybersecurity strategy to deal with risks to prevent future breaches and mitigate their impact. Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) assists firms in developing a customised cyber strategy that aligns people, processes, and technology with enterprise business priorities and risks.

Designing a cybersecurity strategy is a complex task for most firms as it must address a dynamic environment. Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) consultants work to create a cybersecurity strategy to create operational efficiencies, maximum return on technology investments, and more excellent data protection. 

Governance & Oversight

Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) services advise our clients how to address information security, risk and compliance needs to identify vulnerabilities and assess technology and business risk. It is done to meet compliance mandates such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO 27002 and more. 

Our approach helps firms efficiently achieve these mandates, minimising their risks of a cybersecurity breach. Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) helps firms make informed decisions on how to allocate resources to manage information security risks and compliance. Doing this against client business requirements and objectives ensures a customised and workable solution.

Security Policies & Procedures

A firm’s information security policies and procedures create the roadmap for implementing security measures to protect its data assets. Every firm needs to be aware of the sensitivity of its data and its responsibilities for protecting it. Effective information security policies and procedures set the security tone for the entire organisation and make personnel aware of what is expected of them.

Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) consultants develop information security policies and procedures in line with ISO 27001, an internationally accepted standard. Policies designed in such a manner support the frameworks required for all information security purposes.


Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) assists organisations in achieving compliance through numerous legislative, regulatory and industry body compliance frameworks. Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) actively delivers services and proactively offers both consulting and auditing services within these industries. Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) also provides guidance around Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and provides consulting services tailored to meet the objectives defined by the information commissioner. 

If your organisation is needing compliance services we can help guide you through the process of becoming compliant in several areas, such as PCI DSS, MAS TRM and PDPA.

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The largest challenge that businesses across industries are against today is how to secure a winning edge while curtailing the price of doing business. We have a team of highly-skilled, professional and experienced IT support specialists and professionals who work with you cohesively and ensure your business keeps running round the clock without any IT glitches or faults.

From managing your IT infrastructure to providing you with the best on-need desktop and troubleshooting solutions, we help you with it all.

At Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI), we offer you with fantastic and wide variety of IT support providers that you could trust and depend on. With limited assets and budget, that is a minimum of a problem. IT deployment and administration needs time, cash and resources- it could increase huge capital price and you also need experienced IT experts to optimize IT apparatus deployed in your organization architectural landscape. To protected an absolute edge, it is vital to ensure your business in no way sleeps. And that’s only achievable for those who have the best IT support solutions and infrastructure intact and when it is one that you can rely on. We manage, monitor and handle all your IT related difficulties and needs, helping you lower your operational cost and invest your time, money and sources on core business areas-revenue generating tasks that are needed to run a successful business with a competing edge.

We strive to minimize the impact of IT breakdowns, glitches, and emergencies on your organizational procedures by resolving them immediately without long delays.

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With regards to IT outsourcing, Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) takes the lead.

Simply put, once you choose IT outsourcing services as a result, we enjoy benefits like:

      Cost efficiency

      Full-focus on income generating and crucial company areas

      Plenty of period to purchase strategic business preparing and management

      Smooth IT operations

      Business continuity 

Discover more about our own IT Services onto it Outsourcing. We react to specialized emergencies like system failures, disaster recuperation and workstation mistakes without delays and make certain all technical issues are usually resolved ASAP. Whether you’re a start-up or perhaps a SME, with restricted resources and budget, carrying out all operations in-house is only going to add to your organization expenses and drain your sources. The rare mix of our prosperity of experience, unmatched abilities, excellent industry understanding and strong customer dedication, enables us to supply you superior IT solutions that supersede your objectives. From on-site tech support team services, to maintenance solutions, IT management and supervising, and technical helpdesk, our team of certified and qualified IT engineers keep your system running at optimum levels at all times, smoothly.

Hiring an experienced IT outsourcing company helps you reduce recruitment and operation costs, free up resources and helps you pay undivided attention to tasks that matter the most to your business-core business areas. To optimise your business performance, productivity and profitability, consider IT outsourcing.

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To be able to run your organization successfully, a well-managed IT section is key. The bottom line is, it is a good way to strategize for company improvement and growth; Which is what IT Alternative offers! Whatever sector you operate in, your organization needs critical tech support team and monitoring to make sure optimum IT infrastructure functionality, network availability and balance.

IT managed services aren’t just a solution to keep your organization running seamlessly, but additionally assist in employee productivity, save big, curtail expenses, foster business growth by managing internal procedures efficiently and deliver award-winning customer support services at all times.

IT faults, troubleshooting and internet connection issues does not only negatively effect your internal procedures but also hamper your customer support services. leading to performance excellence that translates into success with a sustainable business edge. IT managed solutions ensure elimination of irritating spam, spyware and pop-ups for a smoother operating network.

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Desktop problems need to be set ASAP to avoid disruptions. In order to avoid this kind of delays and ensure desktop related problems are handled and fixed timely, consider opting for professional IT Desktop Support Services. In today’s business world, even the smallest of delays can result in big losses to businesses, largely because your inability to serve your clients when they need may want them to switch to your competitor instead. Without a skilled IT team, handling and resolving these problems can take several hours before you resume your work.

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You can easily forget how important this factor is to a company until panic begins to set in if you find downtime and disruption to the workflow.

Discover more about the IT Services onto it Maintenance Services. This maintenance services certainly are a very essential and fundamental section of a business to allow them to perform. IT maintenance isn’t merely a one-off matter, but it’s something must be consistently ongoing because it is in no way stagnant and generally upgrading and updating.

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Managing your IT resources ensures that all your own company’s it is properly managed in accordance with its specific needs.

The resources we’re discussing here could possibly be anything from computers and software, data centre facilities, data, system and also the staff that’s hired to keep up your company’s IT infrastructure up and running efficiently.

Discover more about our own IT Services onto it Management Services.

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The IT infrastructure is a critical component of every business. For a business to be able to run effectively and efficiently, the management of its IT property and service contracts need to be looked after properly because these two aspects are a very crucial component of a business’s IT environment.

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A company will need an expansion arrangement for their This infrastructure that will aid as a tutorial because of their IT-related decision processing and implementation, that is crucial for a company to perform its operations smoothly.

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A COMPLETELY Managed IT services could help to run your organization more effectively since it allows you to get yourself a faster problem resolution, higher expertise, and conserve the cost.

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Office Setup

At Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI), we have been experts at new office IT setup. From server setup and configuration to printer and copier setup to setting up office network with internet access and other IT equipment, to get everything up and running in the stated time-frame without any glitches, you need experienced IT specialists for the job. Creating a new office IT Setup altogether can be a drilling task and requires excellent planning and execution. Launching a new business?

We have a team of highly-skilled and professional IT specialists, who can first sit with you to understand your business and set-up requirements and based on that, provide you with a well devised IT setup plan and services. We help you every step of method, ensuring a stress totally free office setup encounter and get your organization running quickly. Our treatment involves proper planning, analysis function, procurement, scheduling and commissioning of one’s new office IT program.

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For this, you need a team who has the experience and the expertise to dismantle your business IT network and then smoothly, safely and securely reassemble it in your new office.

Moving office equipment is not as simple as disconnecting and then reconnecting it in your new office. Office relocation calls for IT specialists who are familiar with and adroit in logistical/technical aspect of managing and handling IT relocations. Relocating office from one place to another is not just daunting but also time consuming and costly. We specialize in decommissioning IT kits and moving them with unique care from one location to another. We can help you move your IT gear from point A to B in the fastest time with the assurance that your equipment will be transited safely. That’s where Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI) might help! It can price your organization long downtime, IT apparatus and business phone techniques may also get damaged during transition without expertise.

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Backup Solutions

For this reason, it is advisable to invest in disaster recovery with Infracom Consultancy Integration Pte Ltd (ICI).With the soaring increase in cyber-crime, businesses operating online need to implement strategies to ensure that not only is their business protected from cybercriminals and hackers but also that they have the ability to restore their mission-critical data lost due to viral infection or in the event of natural disasters. It is the best way to mitigate the risk of data loss for good.

Cloud based disaster recovery solutions provide companies a low-cost yet efficient solution to keep valuable information safe and in case of either man-produced or organic disaster, it is simple to restore digital copies of one’s business information, eliminating the long down-time and getting the business back on the right track in a jiffy. With the proper disaster recovery options, you will be fully-prepared in the event disaster strikers your facility.

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Using our state-of-the-art technology, clients will undoubtedly be thrilled to discover that our data recovery services are unparalleled with regards to our team’s expertise plus capabilities.

Our data recovery solutions can help you retrieve deleted, damaged, or inaccessible data as quickly and securely as possible. Yes, this even includes data which has been corrupted.

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Cloud Solutions

Doesn’t that sound like something your business could benefit from? A complete an intelligent solution which houses all your business needs in one spot.

Then if you haven’t got the Microsoft 365 yet, it’s about time you did because you’re going to need it. Right?

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This cloud application offers a productivity suite for the business. MS Office 365 is a cloud-based, powerful and user-friendly business device backed by high-quality and robust security settings.

By using this application, you can even sync, store and share business data files on the web, edit paperwork and manage teams instantly without the communication gap. It has a selection of team management functions like content revealing, shared calendars and multi-party HD video function that simplifies the way you function and collaborate with people.

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