Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch) Then, Today and Beyond – Part 3: In to the Future

(2020 – Upcoming)

Welcome to the ultimate and third installment inside our series looking at days gone by, present and potential future of Secure Network Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch). Nowadays, we reach talk about the near future.  In components one and two of the series, we covered Safe Network Analytics’ entry in to the market in 2001, its evolution as something and a continuing company, and how that resulted in Cisco acquiring Lancope inside 2016. Now, it’s period for all of us to look forwards from what the solution can be next. To get this done, we need to explain some trends that people think will form the continuing future of Network Detection and Reaction (NDR).

2020 is a hell of per year and I believe these specific trends will stay prominent for another 5 to a decade:

  • Customers want to purchase outcomes, not precisely what leads around that outcome
  • Infrastructure as Program code
  • Security movements from human-level to machine-scale

All three of the are interconnected deeply, but let’s address them one at a time.


All security products have an outcome that’s valued. In the finish, this is exactly what matters probably the most regardless of how it proceeded to go about delivering that final result.  Outcomes don’t change as time passes also. We are seeking to detect and react to threats on the system but how we start delivering that end result has already established to change through the years and can continue to modification as “what we guard” is continually evolving and changing. What began as a continuous company called Lancope, delivering something called Stealthwatch, has become Cisco Secure System Analytics and it’ll mainly be delivered as Safety as something (SaaS).

Why? Because in the SaaS planet, you are much nearer to paying for the outcome just. I had a person once tell me “We have been trying to obtain out of the company of caring and feeding for technologies – we are thinking about outcomes.”  I hear you loud and very clear as this megatrend provides swept through all industrial sectors (transportation, resorts, dining, etc). We have been within an outcome-based economy today and the nearer we are able to get our clients to spending money on the outcomes, the higher. Cisco Secure System Analytics are certain to get you nearer to the results of detection and reaction with the least quantity of care and feeding.

Infrastructure as Code

Network as code, storage space as code, the “like code’ mental design is another tendency sweeping across numerous areas. In the industrial age group, our body was viewed as mechanical and in the info age now, the human entire body is seen as program code. Adhering to that mindset, we arrived at “Infrastructure as Program code”. The systems which were as soon as maintained manually in isolation are actually part of the bigger programmable mesh and Protected Network Analytics could have a job to play within that mesh.  “As Code” implies that techniques are programmable inherently, testable, and operate at machine-scale. This known degree of automation is desirable, but we will need to ensure that just like the code we compose for a straightforward application just, it does not possess vulnerabilities which can be exploited. If we have been to automate safety to the degree, we must make sure that we have been securing the automation procedure. Fortunately that we have guidelines on securing code, so that they will need to be employed to the infrastructure automation simply. Being able to check the automation, having the ability to perform danger modeling – each one of these practices assist us make sure that our automation will be focusing on behalf of the business enterprise and not with respect to threat actors.

Human-Level and Machine-Level

The fact of the problem is that people can more time defend our networks at human-scale no. I cannot emphasize this good enough because inside our field, we have been not planning something to fail simply, we have been defending against a threat that’s innovating and adapting actively. To go to machine-scale, we should find methods to automate our craft. It really is no more enough for a recognition engine of any kind to just hands you a summary of things you will need to proceed and fix. Additionally it is in the same way irresponsible for an automated reaction to believe it can simply take insight from any source. Whenever we think of recognition, we must think about response and vice versa furthermore. While not a reply is necessary by all detection, those that do have to be thoroughly qualified to make sure that they are performing with the intent of the business enterprise. The continuing future of Secure System Analytics would be to ensure that it really is driving just as much automated reaction as it can, however, not to move near automation once the detection is as well risky to go after or if the attacker can exhibit visitors to result in that automation. This is a tricky issue but that’s what got us thinking about this subject issue back in 2001! We’ve lately introduced many capabilities linked to response which are enabled natively within the merchandise along with through the SecureX system.

To maintain with the near future and current innovations for Cisco Secure Network Analytics, check us out at https://www.cisco.com/go/secure-network-analytics.

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