SE Labs 2023 Yearly Security Report Brands Cisco as Ideal Next Generation Firewall

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Cisco is honored to function as only protection vendor to receive the very best Next Era Firewall Award inside the SE Labs 2023 Annual Survey . This market recognition validates Cisco’s trip to reimagine the firewall because the foundation of a really integrated security system. I’m incredibly pleased with the Cisco Secure Firewall group and our amazing clients who continue steadily to develop their network safety around our firewall.

SE Labs, a cybersecurity evaluation and testing strong, provides impartial and independent assessments of varied cybersecurity solutions and items. Within their 2023 Annual Document, SE Labs states:

 <em>     “Our Yearly Security Awards recognizes protection vendors that not prosper in our assessments      </em>          <em>     only, but succeed in real life with      </em>          <em>     real clients. These awards will be the only in the market that      </em>          <em>     recognize solid lab work coupled with practical achievement.”     </em>     

As an internationally leader in safety and networking, Cisco is way better positioned than any security vendor to include effective firewall handles into your infrastructure – anyplace your data and programs reside. It offers a thorough security remedy that integrates multiple protection technologies right into a single system, providing the highest degree of protection against different cyber threats. It leverages advanced threat intelligence furthermore, machine learning, along with other robust technologies to supply real-time security against cyberattacks.

 <h2>          <strong>          <span>     Cisco Protected Firewall Key Functions     </span>          </strong>          </h2>     

 <li>     Cisco Safe Firewall threat-concentrated NGFW architecture allows      <strong>     excellent visibility and handle     </strong>      over system traffic. Today have a problem with too little visibility into encrypted visitors many security practitioners, which explains why Cisco is rolling out our encrypted visibility motor to identify threats in encrypted visitors - without decryption. The firewall provides comprehensive reporting and analysis furthermore, enabling organizations to get insights to their network traffic, apps, and assets to recognize potential security dangers.     </li>     
 <li>     Cisco Protected Firewall capabilities supply      <strong>     a unified security position     </strong>      over the entire network. That is attained through its integration with additional security technology, such as for example web security, email safety, and cloud protection through our      <a href="https://www.cisco.com/site/us/en/products/security/securex/index.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">     SecureX system     </a>     . This integration reduces threat investigation and administration requirements, while improving accuracy simultaneously.     </li>     
 <li>     Designed to become scalable and versatile     </strong>           <strong>     highly, Cisco Secure Firewall would work for organizations of most industries and sizes. This is a highly efficient solution which can be customized to meet the precise needs of every organization easily. This makes it a perfect choice for organizations trying to streamline their safety functions and reduce their general security costs.     </li>     

In the evolving globe of cybersecurity constantly, it is very important have access to the most recent & most advanced technologies to remain before threats. Whether you’re a small company, a large enterprise, or perhaps a government corporation, Cisco Secure Firewall supplies the advanced security features you should protect your resources and prevent cyberattacks.

When you spend money on Cisco Secure Firewall, you’re buying an award-winning foundation that delivers you with the strongest protection posture available. Find out more about SE Labs 2023 Annual Statement , Cisco Safe Firewall and ways to refresh your firewall .

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