RSA Conference® 2020 Safety Operations Center Findings Report

RSA and Cisco released the second annual Findings Report from the RSA Meeting® 2020 Security Functions Center (SOC).

The RSA® Meeting SOC analyzes the Moscone Middle wireless traffic, through the 7 days of the Conference that is an open network.

The role of the SOC at RSA Conference can be an educational exhibit sponsored by Cisco and RSA. It has components of SOC as if you would create to safeguard a business. The RSAC SOC coordinated with the Moscone Middle Network Operation Middle for a Period of the network visitors from the Moscone Middle wireless network. As well as the copy instantly of the visitors traversing the wireless system, the SOC got automated malware evaluation, threat intelligence, DNS presence and Intrusion Recognition. There is no endpoint safety, as in a creation SOC environment.

The purpose of the RSAC SOC is by using technology to teach conference attendees in what happens on an average wireless network. The scholarly education will come in the form of everyday SOC tours, an RSA Conference session, RSAC Day Four wrap-up, an interview with ITSP Magazine inside the SOC, and a podcast.

The findings report addresses several security topics, including:

  • Plain text passwords
  • Unencrypted network visitors
  • Mobile devices
  • Malware analysis
  • DNS security
  • App security
  • Intrusion Recognition…and more

We intend to be for RSAC 2021 back, pandemic allowing.

Download the RSA Conference 2020 Security Operations Center Findings Report here.

Acknowledgements: Special because of Neal R. Percy and wyler Tucker of RSA Security, Michael Auger of Cisco Security also to the united associates of the RSA and Cisco SOC staff.

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