Risk Decisions within an Imperfect World

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Risk decisions would be the foundation of details security. Sadly, they’re probably the most often misunderstood elements of information security also.

This is poor enough alone but may sink any hard work at education being an organization moves towards the DevOps philosophy.

To properly measure the risk of a meeting, two components are needed:

  1. A good assessment of the impact of the occasion
  2. The odds of the event

Unfortunately, groups—and humans in common—are usually reasonably good at the initial part and bad in the second unreasonably.

This is really a problem.

It’s the nagging problem that’s amplified when security begins to integration with groups in a DevOps atmosphere. Originally presented within AllTheTalks.online, this speak examines the intricacies of risk choices and how exactly we can begin to focus on improving how our groups handle them.

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