Reinventing breastfeeding support by means of AI

      This website post originates from Maria Berruezo, cOO and co-founder of LactApp Ladies’s health, a tool to supply proof customized and based suggestions to breastfeeding ladies through Artificial Intelligence. LactApp information has contributed to the achievement of several scientific tests already. Hear even more about how exactly Maria’s using technologies to change the planet at the                               upcoming Females Rock-IT broadcast                               on April 22.          

Eight years ago, an urgent and life-changing encounter influenced my entire life and the entire lives of several people around me.

When my next daughter was created, I currently belonged to a breastfeeding association and helped to coordinate a national breastfeeding congress. On my solution to a breastfeeding association ending up in my child in the trolley, we had been crossing the final pedestrian crossing whenever a distracted driver accelerated by way of a red traffic light, striking us on the crosswalk.

Thankfully, my litttle lady wasn’t hurt. Night inside a healthcare facility for observation she just needed one. But while my infant girl quickly recovered, she needed to be without me for just two several weeks. I couldn’t nurture or nourish her small growing entire body because I has been on an extended and slow trip toward recovery. I invested to the ICU for ten times, and stayed in a healthcare facility for just two weeks until I could walk again. Each day the next months I visited rehab.

The triangle of achievement


Maria Berruezo, co-founder and COO of LactApp Women’s wellness


Breastfeeding was vital that you me, therefore i found everything I had a need to get it back again: Usage of trusted information, professional assistance, and women network.

And the seed of my entire life task was planted: LactApp.

I realized that a lot of breastfeeding difficulties could possibly be solved with exactly the same formulation of success We experienced within my recovery:

    • Dependable, updated, and trusted details,


    • Specialized doctor support,


    • And a supporting system that provided empirical information and identified references.



There was one individual who was essential throughout my healing process, and that has been future and friend LactApp co-founder, Alba Padró. She had been an international board-qualified lactation consultant, book influencer and author. Before my incident, Alba volunteered on a 24/7 breastfeeding assistance hotline. Also it was clear if you ask me: we’d have to download Alba’s human brain into an app to greatly help globally nursing mothers.

100,000 queries solved every week


Our breastfeeding and motherhood app, LactApp , can be an program that resolves typically 100,weekly in the personalized and automatic method 000 queries, using AI to recognize user concerns and offering tailored answers predicated on user needs and user profile.

Furthermore, the large level of gathered data we can identify styles, offer updated information, and anticipate situations. For instance, by March 2020, LactApp had been giving an answer to COVID-19 and breastfeeding queries and updating its articles daily. LactApp is focused on scientific study. And, among other research, is currently developing analysis on the consequences of the COVID-19 vaccine in breastfeeding.

Mothers’ requirements are usually underserved


Mothers are among the hardest-hit sets of people suffering from the pandemic. Year over the past, they are affected through health insurance and social neglect critically. Today include those caused by lockdown rules probably the most pressing worries for mothers, just like the separation of moms and babies at extremely early ages (also at key moments like the immediate postpartum time period), or the upsurge in domestic violence, or the cultural messaging that their problems are less essential than those of additional groups.

At LactApp we’ve been fortunate to be of assist in this difficult time. Actually, LactApp has solved 10 million queries since 2018, and is increasingly inside the tactile fingers of more mothers. We have a worldwide user count of 450,000 in 177 nations worldwide, in English and Spanish.

Beyond breastfeeding


While we started LactApp with breastfeeding consultations at heart, because that’s our group’s core knowledge, we’ve expanded into other prevalent issues of motherhood, including problems with pregnancy, pregnancy itself, postpartum, menstruation, and menopause. These topics are physiological procedures that take place in during essential times for women. LactApp is really a ‘living app’ that’s being updated predicated on new knowledge constantly.

Seeking to the near future


Our vision for LactApp is that it could present support and answers to 130 million+ women that provide birth every year on earth. LactApp’s Artificial Intelligence can provide reliable and sufficient responses to moms. We are usually transitioning from the predefined, segmented response to a real-period, hyper-personalized response using assistance vector machine technology – achieving predictions with an increase of than 90 percent precision!

Data may be the new currency running a business, but LactApp’s proven capability to make sense of this and transform that information into insights allows mothers to get personalized, quick, and appropriate care that’s respectful, supportive, and free from bias, empowering females to make informed choices about themselves and their kids.

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