Presenting: Cisco’s Innovated Transparency Report

As our customers’ companies evolve in complexity and scale, we have been hyperaware of our responsibility since a information steward to safeguard the privacy and trusted relationships that generate our business forward.

For several years, Cisco has published* the amount of demands for customer data that people receive from police and governments all over the world. In a day and age of increasing geopolitical tensions, evolving risk landscapes, and increasing needs for business transparency, tech businesses must stay centered on the steps they’re taking to make sure customer privacy is regarded as a human correct and a small business imperative. A individual focus reaches the heart of each facet of Cisco innovation, and we work to create this apparent to your customers continuously.

We pay attention to our customers’ safety and privacy worries as a guide to greatly help shape our business and procedures, all with an objective to be a trusted partner at every action. In response, we’ve refreshed our Transparency Report to response our customers’ top queries about government data needs. Our leading additions are usually outlined below.

Global Map

The interactive map screen gives geographic granularity in to the very limited amount of needs we receive from all over the world. It illustrates the full total disclosures of consumer data by nation and information why some demands didn’t result in disclosure. Among the key metrics contained in each nation breakdown is the amount of needs Cisco rejects through the given timeframe. We firmly hold legislation governments and enforcement accountable to your commitments to safeguard customer data, which includes rejecting requests that don’t meet up with our standards often. Additionally, often Cisco doesn’t have the data police wants, as illustrated by the no information disclosed metric.

Law Enforcement Guidelines

For the very first time, we are publishing police guidelines to see our customers and police agencies concerning the ways we protect customer data. It outlines the lawful burden required of police governments and firms when demanding customer information, and the statutory laws and regulations to which these demands are usually subject. Cisco appreciates and recognizes authorities efforts to thwart poor actors and deter criminal action. Nonetheless, we remain focused on ensuring that usage of our providers and solutions are protected from unlawful intrusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Cisco, we have been focusing on clear and basic communication to your customers constantly, with regards to important topics especially, like the real ways that we are protecting your computer data. We’ve added a FAQS (FAQ) section to steer customers through this essential discussion. In this area, we reiterate that Cisco never ever allows backdoors or provides governments or police agencies immediate access to articles or non-content information without following appropriate lawful process.

Our commitment to clients is to be open up and transparent, particularly since it relates to conditions that could impact their business possibly. Therefore, Our Principled Approach continues to steer every decision we help make regarding government needs for customer information. It information the commitments we’ve designed to protect customer privacy, reduce disclosure, and guarantee we uphold and regard human rights.

To find out more about Cisco’s dedication to Accountability and Transparency, please visit our Trust Middle or look at our Global Data Demand Infographic. Queries about our Transparency Record or Our Principled Method? Email: govt-data-requests@cisco.com

*Transparency report data annual is published twice, covering a reporting amount of either July-to-December or even January-to-June. Cisco publishes this information six months following the final end of confirmed reporting period, in compliance with lawful limitations on the timing of like reports.
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