Companion Direct Orderability for BCS 3.0

We in Cisco Client Experience, on the companion teams especially, have been talking a whole lot about Business Crucial Services (BCS) 3.0 in the last 8 a few months. We announced BCS 3.november 0 to companions at Partner Summit final, launched global availability within March, blogged about any of it in “The New Paradigm for the Partners” and in “New Ways for the Partners to create Resiliencey”, and discussed it with customers and companions at Cisco Live a couple weeks ago.

While BCS 3.0 has indeed been available since March 2020 and companions are reselling it generally, this June 2020 update that’s momentous for the partner community it really is. For the very first time in Cisco’year background s Advanced Services 20+, we have been now enabling partners to estimate and purchase Cisco subscription optimization solutions directly. Quoting and ordering will undoubtedly be available for 1-Tier companions immediately, with 2-Tier partners through their quickly preferred distributor coming.

Direct orderability is really a substantial milestone. But that’s not absolutely all. BCS 3.0 was made with partners in brain. We’ve a package redesign right now, flexible consumption versions, and more opportunities to increase partner services. Right here’s a reminder of why this will matter to your partners, besides simplicity within ordering and simple doing business.

  • Basic, subscription-based packaging. BCS 3.0 provides three tiers — Essentials, Benefit, and Premier (Take note, the Premier tier happens to be available on a restricted basis in the usa and Canada) — which have predefined deliverables and so are sold being an annual recurring membership. This enables for a quicker and simpler sales procedure.
  • Extensibility for companion service offers. Cisco will be delivering BCS in a genuine way that’s complementary for the partners, with everything delivered from our global CX Centers remotely. Additionally, we have been enabling companions with workshops and security that can help them build their very own extensible services offerings along with BCS 3.0 therefore that the final engagement and mile with the consumer is nevertheless primarily between them and the companion.
  • Lower price points, with customers getting ultimately more value than previously still. While prior iterations of BCS had been targeted at the very best several hundred global clients, the newest packaging and cheap points provide usage of additional markets for companions to focus on for BCS resale and service engagement.
  • More entrenching partners as trusted advisors with their customers. Because of the month-to-month nature of the deliverables and the unmatched insights supplied, partners could have another solution to deepen the relationship making use of their customers now.

Partner direct purchasing and quoting of BCS 3.0 is an important milestone on the path to Cisco’s promise to provide value to your customers, with our partners together, throughout their lifecycle trip.

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