Rstor Storage


Cut your storage costs by up to 80%


RSTOR provides object storage as a service for cloud native workloads with integration as a trusted and independent target location for popular backup and archive applications. 

RSTOR gives you all of the benefits of cloud storage without vendor lock-in or product complexity. Customers use RSTOR to geographically distribute copies of their data and seamlessly access via S3 compliant API’s, File (NFS, SMB) and VTL interfaces.

Better than your current storage provider

  1. Geographically dispersed replication
  2. Local regional copies can be  used in local workflow rapidly after initial data load
  3. Direct on-ramps for all major Cloud Service Providers allowing for true cloud workflows
  4. Easy to switch – uses standard Amazon S3 API

Super fast storage and connectivity

  1. Extremely high-performance storage
  2. Time to first-byte speeds of <1s and write speeds at 3x Amazon S3
  3. Lowest average latency for storage across North America, UK & Asia
  4. FastLane connectivity for uncontended, private superhighway to the cloud

Lowest cost storage on the market

  1. Up to 80% cheaper than Amazon S3
  2. No egress fees
  3. No API call fees/transaction charges
  4. More predictable costs
  5. Enterprise users will have their egress fees covered for moving data from their existing CSP


  1. Data encrypted at rest and in transit
  2. Stored in Tier 1 data centres
  3. Communications protected via SSL (HTTPS)


  1. 11x9s of data durability
  2. Active integrity checking
  3. Optional immutability


  1. Managed service with 24/7 support, maintenance and management by our expert engineers

Our Packages For Rstor Solutions

Basic Tier

Professional Tier

Enterprise Tier

* Based on per month pricing, where a 12 month term is required for funded egress from other cloud providers. The minimum term for all tiers is 12 months.

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