Enterprise Mobility Management

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Enterprises empower employees by allowing use of mobile devices in the form of Company Owned Devices (COD) or implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for work operations. This enhances employee productivity and allows seamless business operations. eScan’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution provides a comprehensive approach in safeguarding critical apps and enterprise data accessed or residing in mobile devices. It ensures that corporate data is secured from data loss, malware or unauthorized access.

eScan’s EMM is one of the most powerful security solutions available today to help organizations tide over the challenges of mobile devices (BYOD/COD) in their enterprise network from a Unified Management Console. 

Looking for Benefits? Here they are!

Broad Overview

It allows administrators to deploy and manage content on the mobile devices that includes .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .jpeg, .png and other popular file formats. Content is deployed through eScan Management Console to managed devices and can be wiped out remotely in case of theft or loss of the device

It provides the entire hardware configuration and list of software installed on the mobile device thus allowing the administrator to keep track of hardware and software inventory on mobile devices.

It helps to deploy, manage and secure authorized applications on mobile devices. Application Control is one of the potent features that restrict installation of malicious and unwanted applications. Administrator can also restrict download and installation of applications from unknown sources.

It provides application control, advanced web control, call, and SMS filter ensuring that the device is used for productive purposes in accordance with the BYOD/COD policy of an enterprise.

It provides robust anti-malware control and security for the mobile device. All events are captured and the administrator is notified regarding any suspicious change in the mobile device. It is also equipped with advanced features for On Demand / Schedule Scan.

Mobile Identity feature helps in capturing device details through which a device can be correctly identified. This includes username, IMEI Number, mobile number, email id, phone model and other vital information of the device.

Features at a Glance

The unified eScan EMM solution gives the administrator complete control over the mobile devices with predefined policies and rules to allow / block access to corporate data and applications. It also empowers the administrator to wipe critical data and applications in the mobile device by simply deleting the Container remotely in case the device is compromised or lost.

Critical data, enterprise applications, email accounts, calendar and contacts, residing within the device, are accessible based on geo-fencing policies deployed through the Unified Management Console. Containerization brings in the following benefits to the organization:

  • Separation of personal and corporate data on mobile device
  • Enterprise applications and data can be safely deployed and protected
  • Geo fencing based policies can be deployed on the device with ease
  • Employees can comfortably and securely use their devices for office work
  • Advanced policies for managing Wi-Fi access, corporate email accounts and geo location tracking of the device to enable employees to use mobile devices for office work within or outside the premises
  • Blocks the execution of applications not deployed or permitted by the administrator
  • Active directory for device authentication

This feature can easily keep track of all hardware as well as software resources installed on all the devices connected to the network.

  • Capture detailed Hardware and Software inventory of the enrolled devices
  • Easy filtering of the captured information based on different search criteria
  • Allows to export the entire system information in PDF, Microsoft Excel or HTML formats for auditing
  • Email notification on asset changes to the administrator

In case the device has been formatted, upgraded or factory reset, there is a chance of loss of data like contacts and SMS. This feature helps you to create a backup of data within the enrolled devices. It also helps in restoring the data backed up through the management console, when required.

It allows the administrator to block the device remotely thus preventing misuse in case of theft or loss. Administrator can easily unblock the device remotely from the management console when required.

  • Wipe – This will delete container (corporate data and apps), SMS and address book content from the device in case the device is lost or misplaced
  • Block – This will block the device as login pin will be changed on command execution remotely through management console
  • Scream – Raise an alarm on the device for easily locating the device
  • Send Message – Administrator can broadcast a message to managed devices
  • Locate – Track the GPS location of the device remotely along with detailed history on a map
  • Lock Watch – When this option is activated on the device, in case the user enters an incorrect login pin consecutively for more than three times, the location information of the device will be sent to the registered email address
  • SIM Watch – When this option is activated on the device, a notification mail is sent to the registered email address on SIM change

This feature will allow the administrator to deploy documents and other important information to the enrolled mobile devices. The documents can be imported from the content library and deployed to the devices through Unified Management Console. The document types that can be deployed are pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, jpg, jpeg, png, and bmp.

This feature allows the administrator to deploy apps through the management console. It increases business output by deployment of authorized applications that is required for business.

It will allow the administrator to disable WLAN/Wi-Fi or restrict the usage of Wi-Fi by allowing the device to connect only to the listed Wi-Fi networks. The device can also be automatically locked, or an alarm raised, if it is not connected to any of the listed Wi-Fi network connections. The administrator can restrict web and application access on the device within the office perimeter by restricting personal browser and personal apps through container deployment and geo fencing policy.

This feature allows the administrator to block execution of unproductive or malicious applications on the enrolled devices. It also allows blocking installation of applications downloaded from unknown sources.

  • It is important to facilitate availability of required applications on employee’s device but prevent unauthorized access to other applications for efficiency & productivity.
  • User will be able to access only the whitelisted applications, while all other third-party applications will be blocked.
  • Only pre-authorized applications can be used by the mobile users within the business network.

This feature allows the administrator to maintain call logs of all enrolled devices along with the call duration in hours, minutes and seconds format.

  • Maintain incoming, outgoing and missed call logs of all the enrolled devices
  • Facilitate call and SMS filtering for enrolled devices

This feature helps in safeguarding important data on the device. It also helps in preventing misuse of device in case of theft or loss of device. The password Policy will be implemented on device and the device will be locked when the administrator deploys Block Command from the Anti-theft (Device Nuke) module. The device can be unlocked only by entering the deployed password or by the administrator remotely through Unblock Device feature under Anti-theft module in the management console

This feature allows the administrator to protect the enrolled devices from malicious/fake apps that can cause damage to the device. It is important to ensure that the mobile devices used to access the company data comply with the organizational policies deployed for download of applications.

  • It displays the compliance status of the managed devices as healthy or non-compliant. Device is marked as non-compliant if any app, not permitted by the administrator, is installed on the device.
  • It will also display the dashboard view of the compliance status of enrolled devices.

The administrator can take corrective actions accordingly.

eScan EMM helps the IT administrator to centrally manage and control various mobile devices within the defined perimeter. It provides a single centralized management console that administrates the devices connected to the enterprise network. This simplifies the security administration and provides operational efficiencies such as monitoring and activity reporting of the mobile devices. The administrator can take corrective actions accordingly.

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