One-click UCS C-series configuration

Our rack server configurations were since varied as a bowl of jelly end up beingans. With Intersight we’re limiting them in order to approved flavors.

Cisco This manages roughly 2000 Cisco UCS C-collection rack servers within multiple data centers all over the world. Business groups use them for economic databases, security video storage space, document backups, Hadoop, our on-premises personal cloud, and more.

We use several tools to control our standalone C-collection rack servers, including Cisco Integrated Administration Controller, scripts, and playbooks. But as yet we haven’t have a genuine solution to automate configuration, so admins for every department (say, finance ) did manually. That meant rack server configurations were such as a bowl beans jelly. When we attempted to troubleshoot or improve, we knew which taste we were coping with never.

That’s a nagging problem. Suppose an admin for servers in Analysis Triangle Park requirements troubleshooting assist from an IT engineer in San Jose. If the server isn’t create for LDAP, for example, the IT engineer may’t authenticate within the most common way, delaying resolution.

Handling rack servers at level with Intersight

We’re needs to tidy upward rack server administration using Cisco Intersight, the cloud-based administration service we use to control HyperFlex servers already. (Story here.) So we&rsquo far;ve claimed a lot more than 1200 C-series servers inside Intersight—every server with compatible hardware (M4 and M5) and firmware versions.

Here’s just how Intersight saves time for the group and avoids unnecessary downtime.

Bulk claiming

We’re Client Zero for Intersight, indicating it really is tried by us out there before customers achieve this we can identify any kind of bugs and suggest brand new features. Our suggestion for mass claiming shows up in the most recent version. Before, to state a tool we had to get on each device, and click on Claim Device then. When you have 100s or a large number of servers, that takes a very long time. With the brand new bulk claiming function, claiming 100 servers will take 10-15 minutes just, compared to 2+ hrs to state them one at a time.

Regular service profiles

We’ve built several service profiles that section admins can connect with a fresh server with a click on. Some settings are normal to all profiles—for instance, our regular LDAP, NTP, and DNS plans. Other configurations vary. For instance, virtual interface cards (VIC) settings will vary depending on if the server connects to your ACI fabric or perhaps a traditional network.

Unattended OS install

We’re testing a fresh Intersight feature that installs os’s from virtual mass media without any involvement by way of a person. (Documentation here.) We expect it’ll reduce the time and energy to deliver brand-new rack servers by 40% to 60%.

Simpler firmware upgrades

To avoid crashes that may take place if the server software program and hardware aren’t appropriate for new firmware, we look for problems before firmware upgrades. Before we’d Intersight, to check on compatibility we visited a website where we entered the server kind, model processor, OS edition, adapter type, adapter edition, etc. This took many mins per server—and we’ve thousands.

As Customer Zero, we asked the continuing company unit for an easier way to check compatibility. They was included with the HCL Discovery Device back, today is built directly into Intersight which. When we’re planning for a firmware upgrade, we are able to see on one display screen whether any servers possess a compatibility what&rsquo and issue;s had a need to resolve it. We estimate it requires 30% to 40% much less time and energy to discover problems before we just do it with a firmware improve.


Intersight boosts troubleshooting by displaying equipment errors directly on the dashboard. We may see, for instance, that storage is causing difficulties on a financial data source server, and  if the nagging problem is crucial or major. Seeing rack server problems in one location helps us prioritize problems and resolve them quicker.


As Consumer Zero we asked the continuing business device to make it better to open the TAC case. Intersight is integrated with the TAC database right now. Beside each server title we are able to see whether it includes a TAC contract (occasionally server admins overlook this detail) and will open an incident with a click. Devoid of to assemble and attach logs whenever we open a complete case typically saves 30 to 45 minutes.

Change administration at scale with on-demand videos

For the first few internal clients I gave an in-person demo of Intersight. One demo had been all it got to convince them Intersight can make server administration simpler at every phase of the lifecycle. To level Intersight across the business we created short movies. You may use these training videos.

Summing right up, the Intersight cloud services is making server administration easier. It’s great to possess mistake alerts, HCL, licensing agreements, profiles, and firmware upgrades all in a single place. That’s a good better deal with than jelly beans probably.

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